The Top 4 WooCommerce Best-Seller Plugins to Boost Your Sales

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Want to make more sales?

One effective tactic is to promote your best sellers.

If you have a hot product that everyone is buying, you don’t want anyone visiting your store without seeing it.

Using one of the best-seller plugins listed here, you can create a page with all your best-selling products and label your trending products throughout your store.

Keep reading to find out which plugin will boost your sales the most.

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Best-selling product plugins for WooCommerce

Each of the plugins listed below will help you promote best sellers across your store. Many of them have already garnered dozens of five-star reviews from their customers, and are frequently updated with new features.

Here are my top picks for WooCommerce best-seller plugins.

  • 1. YITH WooCommerce Best Sellers

    YITH WooCommerce Best Sellers plugin

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    Plugin Description

    YITH WooCommerce Best Sellers is an awesome plugin for showcasing both your best-selling products as well as your trending products.

    With this plugin, you can create a grid or slider of your most popular products in ranked order. The products also get a green “up arrow” or red “down arrow” showing their movement in the list. That lets shoppers see which items are on-trend. As an administrator, you can also see the number of sales per product from the selected time period.

    Another great feature in this plugin is the ability to add a “Best-seller” banner over the top of the product thumbnail. This can show up in the shop and category pages as well as the individual product page. Also on the product page is a new section that tells the shopper its rankings. This looks just like the ranking data Amazon shows for books e.g. Number #1 in Science Fiction.

    To show off your best-sellers, there’s even a shortcode and two widgets. This gives you a ton of control and many different ways to sell more products by promoting your most popular items.

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  • 2. Best Sellers for WooCommerce

    Best Sellers for WooCommerce plugin

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    Plugin Description

    Best Sellers for WooCommerce is a simple plugin for promoting your most popular products on your store.

    One feature that makes this plugin stand out is its Best Sellers page. You can create an entirely new shop page that only displays your best-selling products. You can decide what time period to use and whether to count the number of items sold or the number of sales to calculate which products are selling best.

    This plugin also adds a label to best-selling products in your store to give them more prominence. There’s also an optional badge that can be displayed on the product page and ranking data that tells the shopper its position in the best sellers list.

    While the dedicated Best Sellers page is cool, this is less flexible than the YITH plugin that lets you output your top products anywhere using both widgets and shortcodes, including a dedicated Best Sellers page.

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  • 3. WooCommerce Best Seller Highlighter

    WooCommerce Best Seller Highlighter plugin

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    Plugin Description

    WooCommerce Best Seller Highlighter is a simpler and more affordable plugin for promoting your best-selling products.

    Unlike other plugins listed here, it doesn’t give you an option to output your best-selling products with a widget, shortcode, or dedicated page. However, it does work well for marking your best-sellers in your store.

    This plugin adds a colorful label over the product thumbnail for any product that gets top sales in its category. The color is customizable, so it doesn’t have to be green or orange like on the demo site. This label appears on both the shop page and the product pages.

    One feature that’s unique to this plugin is the additional list of best sellers that appear below the product info. It looks just like the normal related products section except it lists other top products in the same category.

    If you want a simple way to highlight your best-sellers, this will be an excellent plugin for your site.

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  • 4. Iconic Sales Booster

    Sales Booster for WooCommerce plugin

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    Plugin Description

    While not exactly designed for best-sellers, this cross-selling plugin will help you promote additional products including but not limited to your best sellers.

    Using the Iconic Sales Booster plugin, you can promote additional products on every product page using a frequently bought together section. This lets you display a handful of complementary products and a button to add them all to the cart. Each recommended product has a checkbox next to it so shoppers can easily decide which ones to include in their order.

    In addition to the “customers also bought” promotion, you can also make additional recommendations on the checkout page and even after checkout. You can choose one more product that you think they’ll like and it will show up in a popup before they checkout and after they click purchase but before the order is processed.

    Like I mentioned before, this plugin isn’t used specifically for best-sellers, but you have plenty of control over which products you want to promote. You could easily use it to give your best-selling products more visibility on your site, and at the points where it matters most.

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Which best seller plugin is right for you?

If you’re not sure which plugin to get yet, here’s my final recommendation.

YITH WooCommerce Best Sellers is, in my opinion, the best plugin available for promoting your trending products. It has more functionality than any competing plugins and a nice design as well.

Iconic Sales Booster didn’t top this list because it’s not strictly a best-seller plugin, but it could be an excellent new tool for increasing sales on your site.

Thanks for checking out this collection of the top WooCommerce best seller plugins, and make sure to share it with your followers before you go.

Ben Sibley
Ben Sibley
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