How to add a “Home” Link to Your Menu

A question I often get is:

“How can I add my homepage to my menu?”

When you’re displaying your latest posts on your front page, you won’t see any options to add it to your menu. The solution is to use a custom link.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to add custom links to your menu.

How to Add a Custom Link to a Menu

First, visit the Menus page in your dashboard (Appearance > Menus). If you already have an existing menu, you should see it on the right-side.

screenshot of the Menus page

If you haven’t created a custom menu yet, select the Pages on the left-side you want to add, and use the Add to Menu button to include them. Or, follow the menu tutorial.

Next, locate the Custom Links section on the left-side of the screen. Once you click on it, the section will expand providing you with URL and Link text options.

screenshot of the custom link settings

This is where you can create a link to your homepage, or any other page.

In the URL input, add the full address of your website including “http://” at the beginning. Then, add “Home” as the Link text, and click the Add to Menu button.

You’ll now see the new “Home” link added to the Menu Structure.

screenshot of a Home link added to a menu

You can now drag-and-drop it into the position you want, and then save the menu to update it on your site.


With the use of custom links, you have complete control over the links featured in your menu.

Beyond linking to your homepage, custom links are also useful for linking to archives, custom post types, and external webpages.

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  1. Space Lander Space Lander

    may i add https in link, which is best http OR https ? OR can I need to put “www”, which are best? because my blog on and I am going to put menu link of one html page

    • Ben Sibley Ben Sibley

      You should use “http”. “https” is only for sites with an SSL certificate active. For instance, you can see a lock icon and “https” in your browser’s URL bar right now on this site. You can always use “http” if you’re not sure because it will redirect to the “https” version if necessary, but not the other way around.

      Either “www” or non-www both work the same, it’s just a matter of preference. There should be a way to redirect one to the other in your web host’s cPanel.

  2. Sheldon Sheldon

    This completely eased my heart ache. I was seriously going crazy over here because I wanted my blog to be my front page but I couldn’t figure out how to put it in a menu link also for when someone visits another page. Thank you!

  3. WEnterprises WEnterprises

    Thanks for the post, quick question. If my homepage is a custom link, where do i go to edit the look of the homepage? WPNewbie! Thanks

    • Ben Sibley Ben Sibley

      That will depend on the customization options in your theme. There should be some styling options available in the Customizer (Appearance > Customize).

      By default, WordPress lists your posts on the homepage and there is not a page in your dashboard to edit for this.

  4. WEnterprises WEnterprises

    Thanks, Ben! I am trying to install a new theme (done! with success) and I need to change the way the current home page looks, but when I go to pages there is no “home” page (I know how to make a static page or make my posts reflect as the “home” page). So, I thought I will look at the menu and see what the menu listing for “home” is connected to and it is a custom link. This site was built by a professional company and now I need to update it’s look. Why would the company use a custom link for the home page and not a static page? What’s the benefit of the link?

    • Ben Sibley Ben Sibley

      Sure thing!

      Visit the Reading settings menu (Settings > Reading) and check the first option there. It should have a page selected for the “Front page”. Then you’ll know which page is being used on the homepage.

      If there is a static page on the homepage, then it is better to just use a page link in the menu. However, if the homepage is showing the posts, there is no page to link to. That’s the reason why you would want to use a custom link for the homepage.

  5. Mary Jo Mary Jo

    So easy to understand the way you explained it. Thank you so much!

  6. samir samir

    i have set the home in menu exactly like it’s told, i even found it the theme but it’s doesn’t dispaly, i simply don’t know why because it’s should work by now. if you could help me please i would be thankful

    • Ben Sibley Ben Sibley

      Make sure the menu you’re using is set to the right location in the “Manage Locations” tab. If it still doesn’t display it may be a caching issue. You can clear your site’s cache to force updates to display.

  7. Diane Saull Diane Saull

    I’m using a static page for my Homepage and the title is “Where Do We Go From Here? How do I create a menu item called Home and keep my title? It doesn’t show up in the pages list on the Menu screen. Also, I have long titles for other pages but want to create short items for the Menu. I’m putting my Pages in a horizontal menu at the top and my Post Categories in my Sidebar on the left.

  8. Vinay Vinay

    How to optimize custom link home page in wordpress menu.. I mean how to give title, description etc… in yoast or any plugin. Please help me with this.


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