Top 5 Best WordPress Comments Plugins for 2023

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Feeling underwhelmed?

The WordPress comment system works fine, but it’s pretty darn simple.

Maybe you want to customize the comments.

Or, you want an entirely new system.

Either way, the plugins here can help.

Below you’ll find the highest-rated plugins on the web for customizing and extending comments in WordPress.

You can add Like buttons, allow comments from Facebook, include images within comments, and much more.

Excited to see what’s possible?

Keep reading to find the top picks.

If you’re new to WP, check out our guide on how to customize WordPress.

Comment customization plugins

Only the best-rated plugins have been featured here. You’ll find both premium and free plugins.

Here are the top picks for the best WordPress comments plugins.

  • 1. WP Comment Designer

    WP Comment Designer

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    Plugin Description

    Get more control over the comments on your site with WP Comment Designer.

    This comments plugin comes with 15 pre-defined themes to select from, and plenty more options to further tweak the design. Even better, you can add as many custom fields as you want. For instance, you could add a file upload option, include radio buttons for visitors to rate a post, and more. It’s an extremely flexible system that clever WP site owners will love.

    Another main draw of this plugin are the Ajax loaded comments. When a visitor submits a comment, WordPress normally reloads the entire page. With WP Comment Designer installed, the comment will be added instantly without a page refresh. You can still require moderation before it’s displayed publicly.

    WP Comment Designer has many more features still. Click the link below to see what else it can do.

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  • 2. CommentPress


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    Plugin Description

    CommentPress replaces the default WordPress comment form with a more customizable and feature-rich variation. Here’s what it can do.

    First, CommentPress allows commenters to add images, videos, and links to their comments. It’s a small touch but one that WP can’t do out-of-box. There are also like and dislike buttons for every comment which is great for spurring engagement and shaping the perspective of your audience.

    Another benefit of using CommentPress is that the styles of the form are highly customizable. There are over a dozen color settings giving you complete control over the presentation of the form. The admin options menu has loads of other settings for changing where the form displays, whether comments load automatically, who can comment, and more.

    CommentPress is an excellent choice for any WordPress user that wants to change the look of the default comment form and add a few handy new features too.

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  • 3. WordPress Comment Rating

    WordPress Comment Rating

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    Plugin Description

    Want to add a like and dislike system to your comments? The WordPress Comment Rating plugin is exactly the solution you need.

    This simple plugin adds a thumbs up and thumbs down button to every comment posted on your site. It works right away after activation, so it only takes a moment to set up. It includes retina-ready icons that look sharp on all displays and is fully responsive for mobile devices.

    You can customize the size of the icons and also add your own styles with the Custom CSS option included. Overall, it’s an extremely simple plugin for WordPress comments, but a perfect choice for adding rating buttons.

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  • 4. wpDiscuz


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    Plugin Description

    If you really want to change things up, check out the awesome wpDiscuz plugin. It’s absolutely loaded with features and completely replaces the default WordPress comment form.

    Since wpDiscuz is Ajax-powered, all comments are added instantly without a page reload (you can still require moderation ). The comment box and style of the comment threads all come from wpDiscuz. They look nice and adapt well to smaller screen sizes.

    Comment sorting is tough to find, but this is another wpDiscuz handles adeptly. Visitors can sort comments by the oldest, newest, or most votes. They can also view the most replied and most-voted on comment with one click. Live updates as comments come in will help make the site feel more modern and alive as your newest posts blow up on the web.

    wpDiscuz also includes tons of additional options for who can comment and where to display the form, so click the link below to check those settings out too.

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  • 5. Super Socializer

    Super Socializer

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    Plugin Description

    Super Socializer is a surprisingly advanced plugin that can integrate your WordPress site with all the top social networks. Let’s start with the reason it’s listed here – the comments!

    With Super Socializer, visitors can leave comments using their existing social profiles. There are a few benefits but the main one is the inherent virality. For example, instead of the comment only showing up on your website, a comment left by a Facebook user will also show up on their Facebook feed. This helps the discussion spread further and lends a good degree of credibility to the comment since it’s clearly been left by a real person.

    Super Socializer has a few other advantages you might like beyond the social comments. Anyone can register on your site with a social profile and a lot of that profile info gets copied over automatically creating more robust and complete profiles. You can also use Super Socializer to add share buttons around the comments which will lead to even greater social traffic.

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Which comment plugin is best?

WP Comment Designer is an especially cool plugin for any WordPress user looking to customize the comments and comment form.

For more advanced customizations, you can’t beat wpDiscuz.

If there’s something missing here or if you have a question about one of these WordPress comments plugins, leave a comment below.

Ben Sibley
Ben Sibley
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