The 6 Best WordPress Donation Plugins for 2023

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I have some good news.

Accepting donations with WordPress is easy.

In fact, there is a plugin listed here that takes only moments to setup on your site.

You’ll also find more robust plugins that include donor management, fundraising campaigns, detailed reporting, and more.

Excited to see how these WP plugins can help you accept donations and grow your non-profit?

Keep reading to find the top picks.

Do you love the way your site looks? If not, take a look at these popular nonprofit WordPress themes before you go.

Donation WP plugins

There’s a mix of free, premium, and freemium plugins included here. Some options are simple and quick to setup while others are much more complex.

Here are the top picks for the best donation WordPress plugins.

  • 1. Give


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    Plugin Description

    Give is a very popular and feature-rich plugin for accepting donations on your site. More than just a simple donation form, the Give plugin adds the robust donation functionality that charity websites need.

    In order to accept donations, the first thing you need is a donation form. Give has a form builder that allows you to easily make custom donation forms so you can start accepting payments ASAP. The forms inherit your theme’s style so they fit in with the rest of your site right away.

    Give also includes an excellent variety of reporting tools allowing you a full view of your site’s performance. Use the filters to review the performance of individual campaigns and compare month-to-month donations.

    As you might already know, it’s easier to get someone to donate again after they’ve given money once. That’s why you’ll love the built-in donor management tools in Give. Maintain a complete history of donor activity and even generate tax-deductible receipts all from your WordPress admin dashboard.

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  • 2. Donorbox


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    Plugin Description

    Donorbox is the state-of-the-art WordPress donation plugin for nonprofits. If you are looking to add a recurring donation system for your nonprofit, then Donorbox should be on the top of your mind. It can accept monthly, quarterly, weekly, and annual donations along with one-off donations. Donors can even manage their giving plans from their dashboard.

    Donorbox’s forms seamlessly embed with WordPress pages. It has a custom form builder that you can customize to suit and blend with your brand design. Its prominent features include automated 501c3 compliant donation receipt (along with year-end receipts), seamless company matching, recurring donation system, form localization in 11 languages, donor wall, and goal meter.

    You can take payments via cards, Apple Pay, low-fee ACH and SEPA bank transfers, Google Pay, and PayPal. To conclude, Donorbox’s WordPress plugin is fast, secure, and optimized for Nonprofits. If you are a nonprofit looking for a fast and secure donation system, Donorbox should be on the top of your list.

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  • 3. WooCommerce Donation Plugin

    WooCommerce Donation Plugin

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    Plugin Description

    If you already use WooCommerce on your site, then the WooCommerce Donation plugin is an obvious choice. This charity plugin provides a couple of flexible options for accepting donations on your site.

    First, you can add pre-defined donation amounts as new products to your site. Visitors can add them to their cart and go through the normal checkout experience to send their donation. This is a great method since most web users are already very familiar with the eCommerce shopping cart approach.

    Alternatively, you can add a donation field into the checkout page itself. Customers can enter a custom value in addition to whatever product they’re purchasing. The donations are handled separately as a non-shippable and non-taxable purchase.

    WooCommerce Donation Plugin also gives you a simple report page listing all of the donation transactions, so you can review them separately from your regular product sales. We also have a collection of donation plugins for WooCommerce if you’re a fan of the eCommerce plugin.

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  • 4. Charitable


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    Plugin Description

    Charitable is an exceptional donation plugin. Here are a few features that make it stand out.

    The donation forms are customizable and include some great revenue-boosting features. You can show the forms in small popup-modal windows or embed them within any page. Suggest amounts and/or allow your donors to type in a custom donation amount. PayPal integration is simple and allows you to start collecting donations immediately.

    You’ll also love how simple it is to create campaigns with Charitable. Each campaign can have a goal and an end-date. Running time-sensitive campaigns creates a sense of urgency and can greatly improve donation rates. As site visitors give donations, they’ll be entered into the donor database which you can manage from your WP admin. You can always export this data to a CSV file for analysis and management on another platform. Charitable even sends out automated email receipts for you so donors can keep track for their personal records.

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  • 5. PayPal Donations

    PayPal Donations

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    Plugin Description

    The PayPal Donations plugin is perfect for anyone WordPress users that want to add a donation option quickly. It’s extremely simple and effective.

    The setup process requires little more than entering your PayPal ID. Then you can add donation buttons wherever you want. The widget allows you to include buttons in any sidebar or widget area on your site. Plus, there’s a shortcode available for outputting the buttons within your posts and pages.

    PayPal Donations is currently active on over 50,000 WordPress sites and has 20 glowing five-star reviews. Users are loving it for its simplicity, so if you want a quick solution to accept charitable payments, this is the donation plugin for you.

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  • 6. 5sec PayPal Buttons

    5sec PayPal Donations

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    Plugin Description

    This is perhaps the quickest and easiest option to start accepting donations on your site. If you need to add PayPal buttons fast, choose this plugin.

    5sec PayPal Buttons just requires you to enter your PayPal email address and then you’re ready to start collecting donations. There are more than 40+ button styles to select from, so you can select the one that looks best on your site. You can use it to accept regular payments, subscriptions, or donations. Without any deliverable product needed, all you have to do is add the button to a post or page on your site.

    5sec PayPal Buttons doesn’t include donor management and reporting like some of the other plugins here. However, you will get some of that functionality from PayPal itself.

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Which donation plugin is best?

WooCommerce Donation Plugin is robust and perfect for any WordPress users that are familiar with WooCommerce.

Otherwise, check out Give for a full-featured donation platform. There are paid extensions, but the primary functionality is included in the free plugin.

If you want the simplest and quickest solution possible, you’ll love 5sec PayPal Buttons.

If there’s anything else you want to know about these donation WordPress plugins you can post a comment below.

Ben Sibley
Ben Sibley
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