How to Find Your WordPress Site’s PHP Version

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My PHP what?

You don’t need to know what PHP is to find your site’s PHP version quickly.

It doesn’t usually display in your WordPress dashboard, but there’s a simple plugin that can change that.

Check your site’s PHP version

To view the current PHP version of your site, install and activate the Display PHP Version plugin.

Screenshot of the Display PHP Version plugin on

In your main Dashboard menu, WordPress normally has an At a Glance dashboard widget.

The At a Glance widget shows your WordPress version, and the Display PHP Version plugin adds a line with your site’s PHP version right below that.

Example of the PHP version being displayed
In this example, the site is using version 5.5.9

The plugin works immediately upon activation and has no settings to configure. You can safely deactivate and delete this plugin once you know the PHP version.

Looking for your WordPress version? Follow this tutorial to find your site’s WordPress version in the next two minutes.

Don’t want a new plugin?

Your site’s PHP version depends on your hosting. Most of the time, you can login to your hosting account and check the PHP version there. Hosts that use cPanel, such as Bluehost, will display it in the sidebar.

This may be an easier alternative if you don’t want to add a new plugin to the site.

Did you find your PHP version?

While your host may or may not display your site’s PHP version, you can always email them and ask. If you don’t feel like waiting for a response, just use the Display PHP Version widget instead.

Are you still having any issues figuring out your PHP version? Post a comment below.

Ben Sibley
Ben Sibley
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