4 Best Places to Get Your WordPress News

There are quite a few sites that curate and publish news about WordPress, but up until a few days ago, there was a site that was sorely lacking.

As I’ve said before, I just want the headlines.  There was no good place to go to on the web if you just wanted to be filled in on what was going on with WP and read a few articles.

Well, my prayers have been answered with the launch of ManageWP.org.

1) ManageWP.org

ManageWP.org is a socially curated news site.  It works similarly to reddit or hackernews.  Visitors submit stories and the “best” ones get voted to the top.  This means that you can visit the site and check out the news that the community feels is most important.

2) Torquemag.io

Torquemag.io does not curate news.  Rather, they create and publish industry news written by community experts.  It’s a great place to go to get deeper insight into a WP topic.  If there’s a hot topic in the WP space you can be sure someone has or will shortly write a well-researched piece for Torque.

3) Poststat.us

Poststat.us curates user submitted news much like ManageWP.org.  However, it differs in that fewer stories are published and rather than being voted on by the community, submissions are vetted by Poststat.us owner Brian Krogsgard.

Brian also publishes full blog posts on a regular basis taking a deeper look at a news piece or trend in the WP industry.

4) WPMail.me

No time to scan these sites daily?  No worries, just subscribe to WPMail.me and you’ll get industry-wide coverage once a week.  While it won’t give you up-to-the-minute coverage, you likely won’t miss an important story just sticking to the WP newsletter.

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  1. I think ManageWP.org is going to be a very interesting site to keep an eye on, and I expect big things from it, though I am concerned it may be open to abuse. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen though.

    Torquemag has been great. Some really interesting stuff there, as has PostStat.us. I like Brian Krogsgard’s style. WP Tavern, which you didn’t mention, is also a great resource for WordPress news.

    I’ve not encountered WPMail.me as yet, so I can make no comment on it. I’ll be sure to check it out though.

    I’d just like to add that I myself have thrown my hat into the WordPress news ring with wpnews.org. While it doesn’t quite meet your criteria for headline-based reporting, I have hopes that it will, one day, become a decent enough source of WordPress-related information for many people.

    • I can’t believe I forgot WP Tavern 😛

      Good luck with the site Cam, I’ll check it out now!

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