Top 6 Best WordPress Plugins for Event Registration

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Ready to sell some tickets?

Whether you’re offering free registrations to build an email list or selling VIP tickets to an upcoming event, these plugins have everything you need.

The plugins below have customizable event registration forms, event calendars, eCommerce integrations, and more.

Better still, they’re all compatible with well-coded WordPress themes. You won’t need to purchase a new theme if already have a gorgeous template installed.

Now let’s move on to the plugins!

If you don’t have a gorgeous website yet, check out our event registration themes collection for templates with built-in registration tools.

Event registration plugins

In this collection, you’ll find both free and premium plugins for events. They can all be used for paid and free registrations.

Here are the top picks for the best WordPress plugins for event registration.

  • 1. WP Event Manager

    WP Event Manager website

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    Plugin Description

    WP Event Manager is a lightweight plugin for adding events to your website. That means more than just registration for event-goers, you can use this plugin to list events on your site, manage all events from a single dashboard, and sell tickets too.

    The core functionality for hosting events is available in the free plugin, and paid add-ons unlock a huge variety of additional functionality. With the add-ons, you can create recurring events, integrate with iCal and Eventbrite, and even send out automated emails to keep attendees up-to-date with the event.

    If you’re a developer or have a programmer on staff, you’ll appreciate WP Event Manager more than other competitors because it’s completely open-source and developer-friendly. This makes small customizations to the style or functionality of the plugin simple.

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  • 2. FooEvents


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    Plugin Description

    FooEvents is an awesome plugin for creating and publishing events with WordPress. Of course, it also comes with all the tools you need to allow visitors to purchase tickets and register for events.

    With FooEvents you can publish free events that visitors can register for with their email address. Their contact info will be saved to your database so you can market to them later and they still receive a ticket they can use to attend the event. The events look great with events themes for any high-quality template.

    For paid ticket sales, FooEvents integrates with WooCommerce. This is a great idea since WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce platform on the web and serves as a reliable foundation for processing payments. You can even create multiple ticket types for events which are especially helpful if you want to sell VIP tickets in addition to general admission for an event.

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  • 3. Eventer


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    Plugin Description

    If you want a complete event management platform, consider the full-featured Eventer plugin. There’s a calendar layout that makes it easy for visitors to browse upcoming events whether those are concerts, sports tournaments, or other shows.

    It’s just as easy to charge for tickets as it is to offer free registrations with Eventer. You can use both PayPal and Stripe to accept payments. Visitors who register on your site get a private dashboard where they can view all of their previous payments and download/print their tickets.

    Eventer is excellent for registrations in particular. The event signup form is totally customizable. In fact, there’s a drag-and-drop page builder that lets you add and remove form fields in any order.

    One more feature you’ll love about this plugin are the recurring events. This feature can be especially hard to find in event management plugins, so make Eventer your top choice if you need it.

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  • 4. Registrations for The Events Calendar

    Registrations Events Calendar Plugin

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    Plugin Description

    If you’ve been Googling around for an events plugin, you’ve no doubt already encountered The Events Calendar. It’s enormously popular and highly-rated by its users.

    This plugin, Registrations for The Events Calendar, adds a better way to create registration forms. You still need to use The Events Calendar to publish the events and manage the attendee list, but this plugin can help with the registration process.

    Registrations for The Events Calendar adds a new form builder to your site. You can attach the form to any event and customize every aspect of the form. The form can be multi-page or display all on a single page. You’ll get a shortcode you can use to display any form you make on any post or page on your site.

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  • 5. MembershipWorks

    Membership Works

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    Plugin Description

    MembershipWorks is a cool plugin because it adds an entire suite of functionality to your site. You can create a membership site, add a directory, and publish events all with this single plugin. While it may seem like overkill, you’ll probably find yourself using this plugin a lot more than you expect. Here’s why.

    When you build your email list through selling free and paid tickets, you’ll end up with a large number of registered members on your site. You may want to create a paid membership that allows full access to all events, or maybe lock content to only members who have purchased a ticket. In other words, this plugin gives you a lot of room to grow and experiment with your business model.

    The event registration form available in MembershipWorks is fully customizable and sends an automatic email notification to the attendee. The email receipt includes an iCalendar attachment which is a nice touch.

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  • 6. Import Eventbrite Events

    Import Eventbrite Events

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    Plugin Description

    I wanted to include a different approach to handling events to round out this collection. While WordPress can be used for anything, you may want to consider using a separate platform like Eventbrite for handling your event management.

    Eventbrite has a robust and professional platform for publishing and managing events on the web. Due to the size of the company, there’s a level of functionality that a small plugin development team simply won’t be able to match. And with Import Eventbrite Events you can synchronize all of the events with your WordPress site.

    The benefit of this plugin is that you can use it with any of the popular events plugins like The Events Calendar which makes it easy to advertise and promote events on your site while handling the actual event management with Eventbrite. Give it a look and see for yourself if this is the right solution for your site.

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Which event registration plugin is best?

WP Event Manager is the first plugin you should check out because of its free core functionality, ease-of-use, and developer-friendly code. The add-ons available will help you quickly customize your events further without writing any code.

Another solid choice is the FooEvents which has an awesome design and comprehensive feature set. The integration with WooCommerce is a great idea and gives you access to loads more functionality through WC add-ons.

Otherwise, consider if you’re going to utilize a platform like WooCommerce or Eventbrite before making your selection below. You may even want to use a few of these plugins in conjunction to get all the right functionality for your site.

Have unanswered questions? Post below to learn more about any of these WordPress plugins for event registration.

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Ben Sibley
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