Top 5 Best WordPress Recipe Plugins for 2023

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Ready to publish your recipes?

You might be pleasantly surprised by the plugins listed below.

With little effort, you can publish gorgeous recipe cards on your site that also show up in the Google search results.

Some of the plugins recommended here are extremely flexible and have all sorts of built-in tools. For instance, nutrition labels, serving size calculators, print layouts, and more.

There’s even an auto-publishing tool included at the end of the post.

WordPress recipe plugins

There are quite a few plugins to pick from, but these are the ones that stood out from the rest.

Here are my top picks for the best recipe plugins for WordPress.

  • 1. WP Recipe Maker

    WP Recipe Maker

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    Plugin Description

    The WP Recipe Maker is designed to get you marketing results in addition to publishing attractive recipes on your site. I’ll explain.

    This recipe plugin effectively adds code into each page of your site that helps your recipes to show up in Google. That means you’ll get the recipe thumbnail as well as the star ratings that you commonly see appear in the search results. WP Recipe Maker also has support for Pinterest Rich Pins and recipe videos.

    Another integration is the recipe block for Elementor. If you’ve been building your site with Elementor then you’ll love how easy it is to insert recipes in any post or page. Elementor aside, the style of the recipe cards is pretty nice too. The default look is fine, but with all the customization options available, you’ll be able to make it match your site easily.

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  • 2. Total Recipe Generator

    Total Recipe Generator

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    Plugin Description

    If you use the Elementor page builder plugin then Total Recipe Generator should be your top choice for adding recipes to your site. The integration is incredible. Here’s why.

    First of all, the default design of the recipe cards is beautiful. You don’t need to customize anything for them to look great. Second, since you get a new Recipe widget for Elementor, you get all of the usual style controls Elementor provides. Third, you can insert your recipes into any template you want. Now let’s talk features.

    The coolest feature in this plugin is the nutrition facts calculator. You can add a nutrition label to all of your recipes with the same exact style and presentation of the label you’d find on any box at the grocery store. Users can even enter in their own daily values and have the label auto-update for them.

    Total Recipe Generator also supports Pinterest Rich Pins to help your recipes spread further online, and it implements schema data so your posts stand out in the Google search results too.

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  • 3. Cooked


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    Plugin Description

    Cooked is another solid option for including recipes in your posts. The best part about this plugin is its interface.

    In the dedicated Recipes page of your site, you can add an unlimited number of custom recipes. For each recipe, you’ll create the ingredients list, directions, nutrition info, and photo gallery separately. Thanks to the drag-and-drop editor, it’s very easy to create ingredients or steps and then reorder them if needed. Each step in the directions can also be accompanied by an image.

    Like other recipe plugins, Cooked outputs the necessary code behind-the-scenes to get your recipe image and ratings to show up in the Google search results. The one thing that I don’t love about this plugin is the shortcode system used to output the recipes. The recipe card itself looks great on the site, but using shortcodes is kind of a pain in the editor. It would be nice if they added a Gutenberg block or Elementor widget for a better presentation in the admin side of the site.

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  • 4. Zip Recipes

    Recipe Cards

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    Plugin Description

    Zip Recipes is another top contender for the best recipe plugin. This easy-to-use plugin will help you to add recipes to your site and promote them across the web.

    Zip Recipes adds metadata to your site using the latest JSON-LD technology. So what does that mean for you? It means your recipes will display beautifully in Google and across social media sites when people share them. You don’t need to touch any code yourself for all of this to work.

    In addition, this food plugin is compatible with AMP websites, looks great on mobile devices, and supports Rich Pins so you won’t need to install another plugin for Pinterest.

    You’ll also love the print layouts and nutritional info available for every recipe. There is a premium version for this plugin as well that takes all of these features to the next level.

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  • 5. Recipeomatic


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    Plugin Description

    The last plugin in this collection is a bit different. The Recipeomatic plugin isn’t designed to help you publish your own recipes. Instead, it’s an “auto-blogging” tool that will help you import and publish recipes published on other websites. If you want a quick solution to populate a website, this plugin will be a real boon for your online business.

    The amount of control this plugin provides is rather extreme. You can search for recipes based on the number of ingredients or total preparation time. You can automatically generate new posts, categories, and tags based on the marketplace items. This makes Recipeomatic a powerful tool for putting together a massive recipe directory that can rank for a wide range of search terms in Google.

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Which recipe plugin is best?

Ready to choose the right plugin for your site?

WP Recipe Maker is an excellent plugin and widely used. It’s an all-around good choice for making WordPress food blogs.

The one other plugin I want to highlight is Total Recipe Generator. If you’re already using Elementor or want to try it out then Total Recipe Generator is the best plugin for your site. It’s incredibly customizable and easy to work with, and the recipes just look awesome.

If you enjoyed this post and found a good plugin for your site, make sure to share it with someone else you might like it too.

Ben Sibley
Ben Sibley
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