Top 10 Best New WordPress Templates for Elementor

Ben Sibley

“These themes are hand-picked for their outstanding design quality, features, and customer reviews.”

Elementor is hot this year. It’s currently the most popular visual builder for WordPress websites.

However, innovative Elementor templates can make this exceptional plugin even more powerful.

Their price tags of these templates are incredibly low oftentimes costing just $7-19. That said, the designs certainly don’t appear cheap.

Elementor templates are very flexible and can be used even for supplementing a website that already utilizes a theme. What’s more, highly-customizable Elementor templates bring you a rich collection of interface components, fonts, ready-made animation effects, layout presets and more.

Where can you find Elementor templates? Just drop by Elementor Marketplace and find the most advanced items on the market. In this post, we feature the top 10 of them and examine the features and capabilities these splendid templates deliver.

Elementor templates

Each template featured here is fully compatible with Elementor and Elementor WordPress themes. Each design is 100% responsive and highly customizable.

Here are my top picks for best Elementor template WordPress themes for 2020.
  • 1. Masterity by TemplateMonster


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    Theme Description

    Masterity is a tempting, minimal and lightweight one-page template by ZemezJet. This one-pager is fully Elementor-ready and can be used as a supplement to any of the WordPress themes you’re using. Masterity can be integrated and applied in seconds, either in its full form or selectively using separate building blogs of this template.

    What else characterizes Masterity template? First of all, this template offers you clear-cut state-of-the-art layouts for a number of vital website sections, such as About Us, Latest Projects, Team, Portfolio, Happy Clients section with logos and more. Secondly, the template achieves engaging content presentation thanks to integration with JetElements plugin and ready-made custom blocks that make the best of this plugin’s functionality.

    What’s more, it’s worth noting that Masterity template is built with latest technologies, ensuring flawless theme adaptation to different screen sizes and browsers. So, with Masterity, you can free yourself from troubles getting one of the most comprehensive and simple-to-use WordPress Elementor templates on the market.

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  • 2. Graffis by TemplateMonster


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    Theme Description

    Graffis by ZEMEZjet is an artsy and creativity-oriented one-page template that incorporates some outstanding visuals. It has the potential to turn your website into a masterpiece that will get visitors returning again and again.

    The template has a slick and modern style that fits in well with the current design trends. It has an experimental yet eye-pleasing combination of contrasting hues and rhythmical interplay in each page. The Graffis theme combines neon and pastel color splashes within a cosmic interface and creates a complex visual mosaic of blocks and asymmetric grids.

    The awesomeness of the Graffis’ display is achieved thanks to JetElements plugin and new capabilities within Elementor builder it creates. On top of this, using Graffis template requires no web programming background and coding knowledge.

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  • 3. Vallees by TemplateMonster


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    Theme Description

    What makes an outstanding spa or beauty salon web presence? Aesthetically pleasing and authentic imagery, an abundance of negative space, and smartly placed content sections that stick to a balance between telling and showing. All this is smartly incorporated into the design of Vallees template for spa and beauty salons.

    Vallees template brings you as much as 6 ready-made pages in total. In fact, the set of sections and pre-made layouts it provides is more than enough to power a WordPress website from scratch. Alternatively, you can use Vallees on top of any Elementor-compatible WordPress theme to enhance the appeal of your website and increase user engagement in the long run.

    To make the most of the Vallees pre-made design, you’ve got to enhance your website with such stunning plugins as JetTabs and JetElements. With JetElements you get a ton of extra section customization options that make every element of your website truly special. At the same time, JetTabs lets you power outstanding accordions and tabs in a couple of clicks using pre-made Vallees sections.

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  • 4. Wizarro by TemplateMonster


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    Theme Description

    The next more-than-exciting template we review is the positive agencies- and business-oriented Wizarro. Each of the five pages it offers feature highly balanced and diverse sections that serve to gradually unfold your company’s background and convert site guests into clients.

    Wizarro template incorporates 5 exciting pages in total with enough sections and ready-made designs to fully underpin a business/consulting website. Most excitingly, all the page designs marry into the most recent web design trends and ensure flawless engagement and conversion after your site’s launch.

    To power the exciting functionality of Wizarro, the template incorporates the extended capabilities provided by such front-running Elementor plugins as JetBlog, Jet Tabs and JetElements. These plugins ensure that you build a website cleaner and more engaging than the websites of your competition.

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  • 5. Gracia by TemplateMonster


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    Theme Description

    Gracia is a magic, fashion-infused beauty salon template based on the interplay of substantial black, pure white and softening rosy powder color. The template’s design smartly combines diverse content chunks, large captions, and imagery to provide for an impressive scrolling user’s journey on every website page.

    The magnetizing Gracia template contains one ready-made page design that can serve either as a stand-alone landing page for your salon or as your site’s home page. Gracia template does not prevent you from using other WordPress themes. The elements of this theme can be featured on every site’s page in any order.

    What’s more, this fully customizable template can be fully re-colored and customized with no limitations and restrictions. The convenient interface of Elementor, underpinned by the progressive JetElements plugin, will help you with this task without a hitch.

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  • 6. Tinycity by TemplateMonster


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    Theme Description

    Tinycity is an astonishing template that grips with a hero image above the fold and keeps site guests on the edges of their seats as they scroll through the unconventional layouts. The template utilizes split-screen layouts that are currently on the rise. So, with Tinycity design, you can enjoy the first-mover advantage once you go live.

    In addition, the Tinycity template incorporates well-thought-out animations that include animated progress bars, counters, and testimonial accordions. The staggering content presentation is incarnated with the help of the ultimately leading-edge JetElements plugin, additionally provided by ZEMEZjet.

    Last but not least, the advanced Tinycity one-pager is accompanied with extensive documentation and well-liked round-the-clock customer support. A highly competent support team is always ready to provide you their competent advice by web chat, tickets or phone support.

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  • 7. Imagix by TemplateMonster


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    Theme Description

    Imagix is a minimal one-page template oriented toward portfolio websites, traveling blogs, photography sites and more. It offers you two quite stylish Pinterest-inspired Gallery sections, which provide for the creation of immersive text-free galleries of your works and projects. Going deep into web design innovation, designers of Imagix equipped gallery tiles with chamfered angles that see a come-back this year, and with shadows that add depth to the otherwise minimalist layout.

    What’s more, this minimal template incorporates a flawless animated top slider, logos-enhanced About Us section and other content blocks, enhanced with icons, creative multi-font captions, and visual page navigation that users can easily find on the left.

    Needless to say, Imagix template readily meets the specifics of any device and browser that are used to view your website. Screen constraints are a non-issue for Imagix with its design rebuilding for an equally engaging presentation on any screen.

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  • 8. RedDragon by TemplateMonster


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    Theme Description

    Are you about to power an appetizing restaurant website that brings new guests to your place? You can do this with WordPress, Elementor, and the RedDragon one-page template. This template has ready-made designs for all must-have sections of a restaurant website, e.g. the top slider, inspirational About Us, detailed Contacts section with large and modern Google Map and more.

    Furthermore, RedDragon has a beautiful and well-structured restaurant menu builder. You’ve got a chance to include dish descriptions and prices next to each dish you offer. The menu perfectly matches the overall template design and utilizes stylish fonts throughout.

    It’s worth noting that RedDragon is a highly flexible template that can either provide a website basis on its own or amplify the appeal of any other website theme that you’re using. Provided all template components are fully modifiable, you can adjust the design of RedDragon to flawlessly match your current or upcoming website.

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  • 9. Aromico by TemplateMonster


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    Theme Description

    Aromico template uses shades of purple, the color of the year in 2018, to recreate the ambiance and relaxing atmosphere of your spa or beauty salon. With this highly-modifiable one-pager, you get a chance to get the potential clients hooked with engaging animated columns, blocks, and buttons.

    Splendid content animation that Aromico features is enhanced with Parallax backgrounds that add depth to the selected sections of your website. If you pay attention to the Gallery section of Aromico, you’ll immediately notice the unconventional quilt design of its main block. Images are all sized and positioned the way they create a square symmetric panel of differently sized, yet well-matching images.

    Last but not least, Aromico template provides you with pleasing customization capabilities. You get access to more than 600 Google fonts, countless color options and a number of extra settings empowered by JetElements plugin.

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  • 10. La Resto by TemplateMonster

    La Resto

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    Theme Description

    La Resto is an ingeniously built European restaurant/cafeteria template that marries tried-and-tested classics into innovative section designs. For example, the theme features tiles with dish imagery that are placed in an intriguing checkered fashion.

    La Resto template opens with a classic introductory section that resides on top of a background video. In fact, incorporation of a background video above the fold is recognized to positively affect your bounce rate and conversion. On top of this, La Resto features a unique collection of exquisite handwritten fonts that are closely associated with refined cuisine and experiences.

    If you ever feel worried getting lost working with the template, you can rely on extensive La Resto documentation and customer support that you can reach out by multiple means on a 24-hour basis.

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Which Elementor template is best for you?

All the Elementor templates, you’ve just seen above cost $7 – $19, which is three to four times cheaper than the majority of regular WordPress themes.

Provided the price is so low, why don’t you jump on most modern layouts, styles, and visuals with one of these top 10 Elementor templates?

If you want to know more about these WordPress Elementor templates, post a question below.

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