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Who loves spending extra time on website customization?


That’s why visual website builders are hot this year. Both rookies and professional developers are voting with their feet for the builder-powered simplified experience. Are you in the same boat with all of them? If not yet, we’ll help you get started.

Today, we’ll be talking about everyone’s favorite new page builder for WordPress, Elementor.

What is Elementor?

There’s already a lot of positive reviews across the web and thousands are picking this tool up for their own sites. While Elementor is free and easy to work with, there are now ways to get even more done with the tool with less time.

Elementor allows designers to make entire themes within the tool that users can instantly select and edit. Thanks to this cool option, there’s now an entire Elementor theme Marketplace available on TemplateMonster. It might just be the fastest, most customizable path ever to create your own professionally designed website.

If you want to see how to work with Elementor on your site, follow along with our Elementor page building guide.

Why Elementor?

In the last couple of years, Elementor went from an unknown page builder a seemingly overnight sensation. Though first versions of the Elementor weren’t all sleek and shiny, the experience improved gradually with every new release and the userbase of the builder’s aficionados grew exponentially.


By 2018, Elementor has enjoyed a true popularity boom, which, in its turn, gave an immense impulse to Elementor development. Now, Elementor delivers you some unique and truly outstanding website customization features that take website creation up a notch. What’s more, the builder’s power and flexibility can be sensed moments after installation and keep amusing you as you work on your project.

That’s not the whole story.

Currently, you can further enhance the builder with additional plugins and templates. Using plugins, you can make the functionality of the builder even more robust and adapt it to the needs of your business niche. For example, the popular JetElements plugin further enhances the default Elementor building blocks and gives you a chance to experiment with layouts and styles.


JetTricks lets you take command of the visual effects, such as Parallax, hotspots, unfolding, sticky navigation etc. With JetWooBuilder, you can customize the product pages of you e-store right within the builder. All this is just the tip of the iceberg.

What’s Elementor Marketplace?

So far, there has been no single place for finding all the plugins and assets for Elementor builder. They’ve been scattered around the web, and that has been a pain for many. This summer, that’s changing with the introduction of the TemplateMonster’s Elementor Marketplace.

Elementor Marketplace

Within this marketplace, you can find all the resources you need to accomplish your project with Elementor at the speed of light. No doubt, here you’ll find some of the most advanced Elementor plugins, such as JetMenu, JetElements, JetBlog, etc. What’s more, the collection of Elementor-compatible themes available in the marketplace is impressive. You’ll find many ready-made website designs for different branches, perspectives, moods, and tastes.

In addition to plugins and themes, there’s one more category within the new-born marketplace, which delivers you some truly revolutionary products. These are the Elementor templates.

How Elementor Templates change everything

As may have gathered, Elementor templates are not the same as Elementor themes. An Elementor template is a set of website building blocks and ready-made designs for a certain niche (or multipurpose). Within the template, these blocks are arranged into thematic pages for your convenience.

The biggest advantage of the Elementor template is the fact that it can be used on top of any Elementor theme or with no theme at all. So, even if you’re halfway through creating your website, you can still add some awesome pages with a template and other pages of your website won’t be affected.

This adds a massive amount of flexibility to every site you build.

What’s more, each Elementor template is hugely customizable. You can get hold of a number of them and freely combine the most exciting and to-the-point blocks from all of them in your new projects. All the elements of Elementor templates are cross-compatible and let you create a high-converting, engaging page with a simple drag-and-drop system.

It’s worth mentioning, that Elementor themes fall into three broad categories. Let’s examine them:

  • Jet Elementor WordPress Templates are the ones that partially rely on Jet Plugins for enhanced display. Check the template’s ‘Details’ page to learn which Jet Plugins are required.
  • PRO Elementor WordPress Templates are designed for those Elementor users who have upgraded to PRO and now have access to extended editor’s functionality.
  • Pure Elementor WordPress Templates don’t require either Jet Plugins or upgrading to Pro.

New Elementor templates

Now, it’s time for us to review some of the best-selling Elementor templates for you. Read on and enjoy the best designs that you can get hold of in a couple of clicks:



Are you after effectively showcasing your mobile app to the larger audience? Take a closer look at AppRove Elementor template, which has a trendy, light-weight and truly breathtaking design.

The designers of the template took the latest web design trends into account, such as gradients and particle backgrounds, engaging homepage animation, interactive grids, well-thought CTAs and more. The template is additionally enhanced with the powerful Jet Plugins for even more impressive UI.



This template brings you an astonishing, present-day landing page design for an IT school. The page’s visual appeal is enhanced with the code-reminiscent captions and playful, asymmetrical layouts. On top of this, you’re bound to appreciate the highly engaging animation of the page’s elements that keeps your audience glued to the screens while they scroll.

Get Studiex for just $14 and craft an IT school/course website of your dreams in a jiffy.



Tournet is an atmospheric one-page Elementor template that immerses your site guests into the awe of traveling the world. The template arranges your content into asymmetrical, readable blocks and enhances apprehension with trendy, readable fonts and color highlights. On top of this, Tournet incorporates animated captions, counters, and an eye-candy Gallery section.



Use the Hoztan template to power the one-of-a-kind, amiable and clear-cut hosting website. Each of this one-page theme’s sections is enhanced with meticulously made, intriguing imagery that turns your website into a pleasure to explore. On top of this, the template delivers you a comprehensive, multi-color pricing block that your clients will definitely appreciate.



Are you after powering the cleanest and most stylish beauty salon website? You’ve hit the spot with Garcia theme and it’s outstanding hand-crafted designs. This template brings you an intriguing mix of carefully positioned imagery, geometric shapes, labels and text columns that create an irresistible-to-browse UI. The template is easy to use with every theme and to import just in a couple of clicks.

Grab an Elementor template today

With this news, you’re among the first to learn about the launch of TemplateMonster’s new Elementor Marketplace and how to use Elementor’s advanced templates. We hope you’ve appreciated the change brought up by Elementor and found some of the templates a good match for your upcoming projects.

Ben Sibley
Ben Sibley is a WordPress theme designer & developer, and founder of Compete Themes.

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