Top 5 Best WordPress Plugins for Social Media Auto-Posting

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Who doesn’t love automation?

It’s one of the funniest parts of running a website.

You can schedule posts to publish automatically, so why can’t you automate your social sharing too?

Well, you can!

There are a lot of plugins available to auto-post to social media, but these are the ones that stood out from the pack.

Best social media auto-sharing plugins

You can use any of these plugins to automatically post to social media sites when your articles go live. You’ll find varying numbers of features, and there are both free and premium options available.

Here are the top plugins for automating social sharing with WordPress.

  • 1. Social Auto Poster

    Social Auto Poster WordPress Plugin

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    Plugin Description

    Social Auto Poster is a solid choice for automating social media sharing. This plugin works with all the top networks and even includes support for Tumblr and Youtube, which can be hard to find.

    This plugin has a few different ways to share on social media sites. The first way is to have the share happen automatically when the post is published. This is nice because you can write your post and then prepare the social share afterward, all without leaving the WordPress dashboard. You can also create an automated schedule and manually schedule future social shares. Plus, there are simple social media analytics for viewing the performance of your posts.

    Social Auto Poster works with custom post types, so you can share any kind of content you want, not just posts. Another cool option is the ability to share to multiple of the same account. You could share a post to 3 different Facebook accounts if you want. This social media automation plugin is a great option for your site and has a solid 4.75/5 rating on CodeCanyon.

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  • 2. FS Poster

    FS Poster social media plugin

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    Plugin Description

    FS Poster is the ultimate WordPress plugin for automating social shares. It works with a massive 13 different social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Reddit. Now that you know it will work for your network, let’s talk about the features.

    FS Poster has a clean interface that allows you to connect your accounts, schedule shares, and review the success of each share. You can see data like the Likes and comments on individual shares, and view graphs of the performance of all your sharing.

    The scheduling system FS Poster uses is pretty cool. You create a schedule in advance of what time you want to post to each network. You can add filters so only certain posts are considered as well. Then whenever a posting time is reached, FS Poster simply checks to see if you have any new posts that meet the criteria. If it finds a post, it automatically shares it on the specified social networks. You can even post to all 13 networks at once if you’d like.

    You’re also not limited to your schedule. You can manually post and schedule shares from the dashboard too. You can customize every scheduled message, view logs of all share sent, and even get a calendar view of all your future and past shares.

    FS Poster deserves the awesome 4.97/5.00 rating it has on CodeCanyon. It’s got every feature you could want and is executed beautifully.

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  • 3. Blog2Social

    Blog2Social plugin

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    Plugin Description

    Blog2Social is the most popular free WordPress plugin for auto-posting to social media. It works with 16 networks which is the most on this list, including some less popular networks like Torial, Bloglovin, and Diigo.

    The Blog2Social plugin has a variety of scheduling tools, but the coolest feature is the Best Time Manager. If you know when your audience is the most active, you can create a schedule to post based on this time. Then Blog2Social will share your posts at this time instead of the moment the article goes live.

    You can write one message and reuse it across accounts, or craft a completely custom message for each of your networks. There’s also a calendar view which gives you a nice overview of your sharing frequency.

    On top of all this, the Blog2Social plugin also adds Open Graph and Twitter Card metadata to your site. This way, any time someone shares one of your posts, it will automatically include an image and description. It’s a great way to further enhance the reach of your content.

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  • 4. Revive Old Posts

    Revive Old Post

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    Plugin Description

    Here’s a common dilemma.

    You want to post on your networks every day, but you only have time to publish one new post per week. What do you share the other six days? A great solution is to reshare your older content. Odds are, someone on Twitter who recently followed you hasn’t seen all of your posts already, so it will likely be new to them.

    This process could be really time-consuming and confusing, but that’s where the Revive Old Post plugin comes in. With this plugin, you can create a complex posting schedule with automation rules to decide which posts to share and when. Once you set it up, it will run on autopilot for you. Of course, you can also use it to share new posts right away when published.

    Revive Old Post doesn’t support as many networks as some of these other plugins, but it does work with both Facebook Pages and Groups, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Pinterest.

    If you’ve already got a large number of posts on your site, this could be the best social media automation plugin for your blog.

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  • 5. Social Media Auto Publish

    Social Media Auto Publish

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    Plugin Description

    The last plugin recommended in this collection is Social Media Auto Publish. The plugin is a simpler option than many of the other plugins so that’s why you may prefer it.

    The Social Media Auto Publish works exactly as the name implies. You connect your social accounts and it automatically shares your blog posts when they go live. This is a good system because you’ve probably already picked a good time to publish your post in the first place.

    This social automation plugin only works with Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, so that could be a limitation for some users, and you can only connect one account from each network. Overall, this plugin has great reviews because it works reliably and is a perfectly functional solution for people who want a simple auto-publisher for social media.

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Which social auto-post plugin is best?

Social Auto Poster is the first plugin you should consider because of its support for a wide number of networks and its ability to auto-share posts when published.

If you’re on a tight budget then check out the Blog2Social plugin instead. It works with plenty of social networks and has its own scheduling tools built in. It’s not as beautiful or quite as robust as FS Poster, but it is still an excellent choice.

I hope this collection helped you to find the best social media auto-sharing plugin for your WordPress website. If you know someone else who might like this post, please share it before you go.

Ben Sibley
Ben Sibley
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