The 10 Best WooCommerce Shipping Plugins for USPS, UPS, Flat Rates, and more

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In this post, we’ve included the best WooCommerce shipping plugins for extending and enhancing the shipping functionality in WooCommerce.

These plugins will allow you to:

  • Add API integrations with USPS, UPS, and FedEx
  • Use table rate shipping
  • Create flat rate shipping based on box sizes
  • Use distance rate shipping
  • Let customers use multiple addresses at checkout

Do all of that and more with the amazing plugins collected here.

Keep reading to find our top recommendations.

Shipping plugins for WooCommerce

Only plugins with high ratings and those made by reputable developers have been included here.

Each plugin varies a lot based on exactly how it’s meant to be used, so make sure to read the descriptions carefully and click through to see more screenshots and details.

Here are my picks for the best shipping WooCommerce plugins.

  • 1. Calcurates


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    Plugin Description

    Shipping might be the most complex aspect of running an eCommerce store, especially if you sell your products internationally. Unless you want to constantly overcharge customers or under-charge and lose profits, you need a solution that can accurately calculate your shipping costs for you, and that’s exactly what Calcurates can do for your store.

    With Calcurates, you can rapidly enable support for multiple shipping methods and carriers, enter your product data, and customize your shipping regions. Calcurates then gives you a calculator for testing your shipping rates and modifying the prices before making them live on your site.

    Once you publish your shipping methods, Calcurates makes them selectable on your store’s Checkout page. Customers will find it easy to choose their preferred carrier and shipping method, and an accurate cost will show up immediately on the page. This is made possible thanks to the five-star WordPress plugin made by Calcurates for integrating with WooCommerce.

    Giving customers around the world accurate shipping costs is extremely challenging on your own, but with Calcurates, it’s easy. Click the link below if you’d like to learn more about this awesome WooCommerce shipping plugin.

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  • 2. YITH Product Shipping for WooCommerce

    Yith WooCommerce Product Shipping

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    Plugin Description

    YITH Product Shipping for WooCommerce is a comprehensive plugin for taking control over your shipping costs. It gives you a table interface where you can create as many rules as you want.

    When creating shipping cost rules for your store, you can set the cost based on the total cart price, item quantity, and product weight. Then you can limit each rule to specific categories and tags, or leave them as global rules that affect every product in your store. And that’s just the beginning…

    Next, you can fine-tune the shipping costs for every individual product in your shop. Inside the editor, you can give each product rules to override the shipping price based on the country it’s being delivered to, as well as an optional product fee.

    Finally, what makes this plugin great is that every product can have its shipping cost calculated separately, and this is communicated clearly to buyers via the product page and checkout. Overall, it’s a robust plugin for creating custom shipping costs for each of your products.

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  • 3. Table Rate Shipping

    Table Rate Shipping plugin

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    Plugin Description

    The Table Rate Shipping plugin gives you a system to create pricing rules that will apply to vast quantities of orders at once, without having to manually set prices for every possible condition.

    With this plugin, you can set different rules for different Shipping Zones. For example, you may have a Shipping Zone for your own country where you offer free shipping, but require a shipping fee for all other countries. In this case, you would create a new table rate for the international zone.

    Additionally, it’s important that you create Shipping Classes as well for your rules. For instance, you could create a “small” shipping class for products like necklaces and a “large” shipping class for furniture. You then have the ability to easily adjust the shipping cost for these items based on their class.

    When working with table rates, you can track the cost for the whole order or charge per item. The shipping cost calculation can be based on the weight of the items, their total cost, the number of items, or the number of items in a specific shipping class. You can even set minimum and maximum values for each of these conditions.

    As you can see, Table Rate Shipping is a highly advanced plugin and can likely handle whatever needs you have for shipping.

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  • 4. WooCommerce Distance Rate Shipping

    WooCommerce Distance Rate Shipping plugin

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    Plugin Description

    While there are plugins here that offer shipping rates based on numerous rules, you might find them complex and overwhelming. This plugin is different.

    Using the WooCommerce Distance Rate Shipping, you can charge for shipping based on the distance of the shipping address from your warehouse. In addition to charging based on the total distance, you can instead charge based on the total travel time, weight of the order, quantity of items, or order total.

    When setting your distance rules, you can create a minimum and maximum cost, fixed cost, and handling fee as well. This prevents nearby customers from getting overly cheap shipping and distant customers from getting charged exorbitant rates. As you may have guessed, this is especially practical as a local delivery plugin for restaurants and small businesses.

    If you’re looking for a WooCommerce distance rate shipping plugin, this is an excellent choice for your site.

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  • 5. USPS Shipping Method

    USPS Shipping Method plugin

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    Plugin Description

    The USPS Shipping Method plugin will let customers choose which shipping service offered by USPS they want to use, and get the cost calculated automatically for them. It removes a lot of the heavy lifting on your part for calculating costs and gives your customers an accurate preview of the cost and time shipping will require. Let’s stake a look at why this is an awesome WooCommerce plugin for USPS shipping.

    To use this plugin properly, there are a few steps. First, make sure that all of your products have their dimensions and weight entered into their product data. Then, you can visit the Shipping Zones page and add USPS as a shipping method. From there, you can choose the shipping API to calculate the costs and enter the dimensions of the box sizes you’ll use. This allows for shipping by weight and volume – the API will handle the complex calculations for you.

    The USPS API will take the size of your boxes and virtually pack the items based on the dimensions and weight you provided. It will attempt to pack the items in as few boxes as possible. This is how the final shipping cost is calculated and provided to the customer, and also gives you an accurate assessment of the cost as well.

    While it does take some initial setup, it runs very well and makes shipping cost estimates highly accurate.

    One last thing you should know is that this plugin integrates with the free WooCommerce Shipping plugin, which lets you print labels for USPS and DHL shipments.

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  • 6. Flat Rate Box Shipping

    Flat Rate Box Shipping

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    Plugin Description

    This plugin is similar to the USPS and UPS plugins in that you charge per box, but a flat rate is used per box instead of using prices calculated by the shipping provider.

    The main feature of this plugin is the ability to define box sizes. You can create as many boxes as you want and define the length, width, height, and weight of the box. Additionally, you can set the cost to ship this type of box or charge based on the weight. You can also add a cost for unpackable items in your inventory, such as those that are too large to fit into a box.

    Once you have your boxes created, you need to make sure that your products also have their dimensions and weight filled out in their product data. Then the plugin can virtually pack them at checkout to give customers a total cost of shipping.

    This plugin works really well for automatically calculating shipping costs based on your preset box sizes. For many stores, it will be sufficiently advanced without requiring the additional complexity of API integrations with shipping methods.

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  • 7. UPS Shipping Method

    UPS Shipping Method plugin

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    Plugin Description

    This plugin is perfect for adding a comprehensive integration with UPS for handling your shipping estimates.

    Using the WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin, you can add UPS as a shipping method to any of your shipping zones. You can choose any of the UPS services to offer to your customers including Ground, Standard, Simple Rate, and Next Day Air.

    You can calculate pricing based on all products being packaged individually, or if you’ve entered each product’s weight and dimensions, you can have UPS “virtually pack” them to get an estimate using the fewest possible boxes. It’s important to know that the API integration does not work for freight shipping or weight beyond 150lbs. Additionally, this plugin does not include shipping labels for printing at home.

    If you’re looking for a full integration with UPS to calculate your shipping costs and present them to customers, this will be an awesome addition to your site.

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  • 8. FedEx Shipping Method

    FedEx Shipping Method plugin

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    Plugin Description

    With the FedEx Shipping Method plugin, you can enable FedEx as a shipping choice for any of your shipping zones. You can also choose which services you’d like to offer from FedEx, including but not limited to FedEx Ground, FedEx First Freight, FedEx One Rate, and Priority Overnight. Those are all domestic options, but all of Fedex’s international shipping services are available as well.

    Like other plugins that integrate with shipping APIs, this plugin allows you to charge a fixed rate per box or create box sizes so the plugin can virtually pack them to get pricing estimates. Your products will need to have their dimensions and weight product data filled out for this to work. It’s also one of few plugins that can handle freight shipping options.

    Like the other shipping method plugins listed in this collection, this plugin is developed and maintained by the WooCommerce team, rather than a third party.

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  • 9. YITH Multiple Shipping Addresses for WooCommerce

    YITH Multiple Shipping Addresses for WooCommerce

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    Plugin Description

    YITH Multiple Shipping Addresses for WooCommerce is designed for one purpose: allowing customers to ship products to different addresses as checkout. If you need this functionality for your site, keep reading.

    With this multiple shipping address plugin, customers can enter additional addresses via the My Account page. They can add as many addresses as they need, all of which will be available at checkout. Speaking of which, customers don’t have to save addresses beforehand; they can create new addresses from the checkout page too.

    On the checkout page, your customers will be able to assign a different address to each product they’re purchasing. There’s a simple dropdown menu under every product where they can choose one of the addresses saved to their account, or create a new one. You also have the option to exclude certain products from multi-address shipping if needed.

    If you want to enable shipping to more than one address, this is the perfect plugin for the job.

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  • 10. Woocommerce Shipping Calculator On Product Page

    WooCommerce Shipping Calculator plugin

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    Plugin Description

    This simple plugin lets customers calculate their shipping cost from the product page or cart before they checkout. The form itself is very simple including a button and a handful of input fields. You can customize the size and colors of these elements as well.

    It’s important to know that this plugin doesn’t assist you with setting your shipping rates. Rather, it takes the rates you’ve created with WooCommerce and makes them available to shoppers. This lets them quickly figure out how much the product will cost to ship before they reach checkout. Since this shipping plugin includes a shortcode, you can display a cost calculator on the product page or anywhere else you want.

    Overall, it’s a pretty simple plugin and could make a nice addition to your store if you’re finding that customers are surprised or confused by shipping costs once they reach the checkout page.

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Which WooCommerce shipping plugin is best?

Given how different these plugins are, it’s hard to recommend just one. However, I have a few final recommendations if you need extra guidance.

YITH Product Shipping for WooCommerce is a great plugin for allowing each product to have its own shipping cost. It also includes a rules system for calculating prices on a variety of features.

WooCommerce Distance Rate Shipping gives you a relatively easy way to charge customers based on how far away they are or how long the shipping takes. It’s great for businesses that only ship locally.

Flat Rate Box Shipping is another excellent plugin to consider. It lets you define box sizes and then charge customers flat rates based on whatever boxes they’ll need to pack and ship their order.

Thanks for browsing this list of the best shipping plugins for WooCommerce. You can use the buttons below if you’d like to share it with another WooCommerce user.

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