The 5 Best WooCommerce USPS Shipping Plugins

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Calculating your shipping costs can be complicated.

But it doesn’t have to be!

Using the right USPS WooCommerce plugin, you can let the APIs do the heavy lifting for you.

The plugins listed below will let you:

  • Automatically calculate shipping costs
  • Choose which USPS services you want to offer
  • Let you print shipping labels
  • Give your customers tracking numbers

And a whole lot more.

Keep reading to see everything these USPS plugins can do.

WooCommerce USPS plugins

Most of these plugins use a similar system where you define box sizes and then the USPS API calculates the shipping cost based on the customer’s cart contents.

That said, there are some major differences in terms of ease and functionality, so review each carefully before deciding which plugin is best for your store.

Here are my top recommendations for the best WooCommerce USPS shipping plugins.

  • 1. PSS WooCommerce USPS Shipping

    PSS WooCommerce USPS Shipping Plugin

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    Plugin Description

    PSS WooCommerce USPS Shipping is an awesome plugin because it includes a truly comprehensive shipping integration with USPS.

    Using this plugin, you can give customers a variety of shipping methods with the associated costs displayed onscreen at checkout. These prices are calculated via the USPS API based on the box sizes you pre-configure in the settings menu.

    In addition to the shipping cost calculation, this plugin also gives you shipping labels you can print from your site’s dashboard. Even better, both you and your customer can view the live tracking details. Customers will get the tracking number via email after their purchase, and you’ll get a full shipping timeline inside your dashboard.

    Given the fact that it includes shipment tracking, cost calculations, and shipping labels, this is one of the best WooCommerce USPS plugins on the market. The developers, PluginHive, have bundled this plugin into a more comprehensive shipping product, so it’s a great choice if you want to use UPS, FedEx, and other international shipping services too.

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  • 2. USPS Shipping Method

    USPS Shipping Method plugin

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    Plugin Description

    The official USPS Shipping Method plugin made by the WooCommerce team is a top choice for eCommerce stores that want to integrate with the USPS shipping API. Since it has full API integration, it lets you calculate shipping costs and choose specific USPS delivery services to offer.

    There are lots of shipping plugins that can handle simple flat-rate calculations, but what makes this plugin different is its ability to accurately price your shipping based on the size and weight of your packages. As long as you enter each product’s weight and dimensions into its Product Data, this plugin can virtually pack your boxes in order to give you pricing estimates. Even better, this is done in real-time on your site so customers will be charged for these prices at checkout. This means they can purchase an assortment of goods and get charged the proper amount based on the number and size of boxes the shipment will require.

    To ensure you’ll be able to pack each box, you’ll pre-configure your box sizes. This way, you can tell the API the box sizes you have available and it won’t virtually pack them in a way you can’t accommodate.

    The only thing missing from this plugin is printable shipping labels, but that can be added with the free WooCommerce Shipping plugin. Click the link below to learn more.

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  • 3. USPS Shipping for WooCommerce

    USPS Shipping for WooCommerce plugin

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    Plugin Description

    USPS Shipping for WooCommerce is a very well-designed plugin for adding full integration with the USPS shipping service.

    Using this plugin, you can use flat rate shipping and/or shipping rate options. Enabling flat rates is easy because the costs are pre-configured based on box sizes provided by USPS. Using your own box sizes is only a bit more complicated.

    In order to use your own boxes, you’ll enter the exact dimensions of the boxes you plan to use. You can enter as many box sizes as you want. Then, you’ll enter the weight of the box itself and select every USPS service you want to enable on your site. When a customer goes to checkout, this plugin will use the USPS API to virtually pack the customer’s items into as few of your available boxes as possible, and calculate how much it will cost based on their selected shipping service. The best part is that the customer can choose a different shipping service and see the new price right away.

    This is an awesome solution because it lets you charge customers the exact cost of shipping. It seems perfectly fair from their perspective since they know you’re not overcharging them and trying to profit off the shipping cost.

    Overall, this is an excellent WooCommerce USPS shipping plugin due to its flexibility and ease of use.

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  • 4. WooCommerce API

    WooCommerce API plugin

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    Plugin Description

    If you’re not familiar with, it’s primarily a service to help small businesses print shipping labels and estimate shipping costs. With the official WooCommerce plugin, you can integrate fully with their service so that customer address info is sent automatically to your account.

    While this integration makes it easy to print shipping labels accepted by USPS, it doesn’t calculate the prices shown to your customers. You’ll have to price your shipping accordingly in advance or use the USPS Shipping Method plugin listed above in conjunction with this plugin.

    If you want a simple and easy way to create USPS valid shipping labels, this might be the best new plugin for your site.

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  • 5. Multi-Vendor B2B USPS Shipping

    Multi-Vendor B2B USPS Shipping plugin

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    Plugin Description

    This last plugin is a bit different.

    If you run a wholesale store or B2B eCommerce shop, you may be interested in Webkul’s B2B Marketplace for WooCommerce plugin, which lets you convert the normal checkout experience into a quote request system. This USPS shipping method plugin gives you an API integration for calculating shipping costs for customer orders. This is particularly useful for wholesale stores because it’s one of the few plugins that work with freight shipping cost calculations.

    Once enabled on your site, you can select which shipping methods will be available to customers, and then they can select whichever one they want on the checkout page. Each shipping method has its costs displayed alongside it. The USPS integration works with all their top services including both domestic First-Class Mail services as well as International Priority Mail services.

    Most likely, this won’t be the best USPS plugin for your site, but if you are selling wholesale and utilizing freight shipping, you should definitely check it out.

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Which USPS shipping plugin is best for your store?

While these plugins make shipping easier, picking the best one for your business is still hard.

Here are a few final tips to help you make your choice:

PSS WooCommerce USPS Shipping got the #1 recommendation because it manages to include more features than other plugins and still ends up easier to use.

USPS Shipping Method is my next recommendation because it’s the official WooCommerce plugin for USPS and has every feature you need with the exception of label printing which can be added easily via a free companion plugin.

Thanks for checking out this collection of the best WooCommerce USPS plugins. Please share it with someone else if it helped you out today.

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