The 8 Best WooCommerce Wholesale Plugins for Bulk Purchases

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Selling wholesale is an awesome way to boost your revenues.

But there’s a problem.

Large orders need to be priced differently based on the quantity or the company buying from you. WooCommerce doesn’t have this functionality included, so you need a new plugin.

With the plugins featured here, you can add quantity-based pricing to your existing product pages or create a private wholesale-buyer-only section.

All of the plugins listed below include these features, plus a lot more. Keep reading to find our top picks.

WooCommerce wholesale plugins

Only professionally developed plugins with high customer ratings have made it into this collection.

While any of these plugins could work well for your store, I’ve made sure to highlight a few differences that make each one unique. Make sure to review each one carefully before making your purchase choice.

Here are the best WooCommerce plugins to add wholesale pricing to your site.

  • 1. Wholesale Pro

    Wholesale Pro

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    Plugin Description

    Wholesale Pro is a beautifully designed plugin for adding wholesale options to your WooCommerce store. This plugin lets you create an entirely separate part of your site exclusively for wholesale orders. Buyers register as wholesale customers to access this part of the site, which helps you maximize revenues by limiting these bulk discounts to the right buyers.

    The Wholesale Pro plugin also integrates with the Product Table plugin made by Barn2, letting you create a simple table for bulk orders. It’s an excellent experience for users and is sure to boost your order values.

    With Wholesale Pro, you can create new user roles and give discounts to any members registered for that role. You can also set discount rates based on the product category or even the individual product. This makes it easy to manage your wholesale store privately alongside your public consumer-facing WooCommerce store. It’s also a great plugin to combine with a minimum order quantity plugin.

    As you continue browsing this list, you’ll find that most of the plugins in this collection have similar features. What sets this plugin apart is the fast and friendly customer support, and the product table integration, which is excellent for improving your sale conversion rates.

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  • 2. WooCommerce Wholesale Bundle

    Wholesale Bundle

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    Plugin Description

    This bundle by Plugin Republic includes two of their plugins: Members Only and Fees & Discounts. Together, they allow you to create a members-only wholesale store with discounts for bulk orders.

    You can set pricing for different members based on their user role and manually or automatically approve new accounts. You can also adjust the pricing for products based on the quantity being ordered.

    Using the user role system, products or entire product categories can be hidden from normal customers. You can even hide prices on your store entirely from the public requiring visitors to create an account to view your prices. This also makes it easy to charge different amounts for different customers. It’s the perfect solution for creating a private WooCommerce store.

    One benefit of purchasing this plugin bundle is that the developers offer a lifetime license. If you plan on running your eCommerce business for years to come, this option could save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars over time.

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  • 3. WooCommerce Wholesale Suite

    WooCommerce Wholesale Suite

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    Plugin Description

    WooCommerce Wholesale Suite is a comprehensive plugin for handling wholesale purchases on your store.

    The main draw of this plugin is its bulk ordering form. For a wholesale buyer, the standard eCommerce shopping experience is inefficient and cumbersome. That’s why WooCommerce Wholesale Suite lets you create a table with all of your products and their wholesale pricing listed in one place. Buyers can easily search and filter the table and update the quantities they want to purchase of each product.

    Another killer feature of this plugin is the automated reordering system. With this tool, you can create recurring orders for your buyers. They’ll get their own login and membership page where they can review and approve each order. And, since wholesale orders are much larger purchases than your standard B2c buyers, you have full control over the shipping methods and costs exclusive to these buyers.

    Overall, WooCommerce Wholesale Suite is a robust plugin for handling B2B wholesale from signup to checkout.

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  • 4. B2B King

    B2B King

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    Plugin Description

    Don’t pick your wholesale plugin until you check out B2B King. With 46 customer ratings that are ALL full five stars, it’s the most highly-rated plugin on CodeCanyon I’ve ever seen.

    Customers love B2B King for both its massive feature set and friendly customer support. They’ve also released nearly 30 updates since launching the plugin about a year ago. Since this plugin is absolutely packed with functionality, I’ll include an overview of what sets it apart.

    In addition to the basic functionality required for a wholesale store, B2B King also includes features, such as product bundles and personalized prices, coupon usage restrictions, purchase lists for quick re-ordering, invoicing, and on-site messaging.

    Overall, it’s probably the most advanced wholesale plugin for WooCommerce on the market, so give it a look and see if it’s right for your site.

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  • 5. WhoIs

    Whols plugin

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    Plugin Description

    Whols is an efficient and popular WooCommerce wholesale plugin to manage and streamline your wholesale pricing structure. With this plugin, you can easily set wholesale prices on simple or variable products and specify the quantity required for each price break.

    This plugin allows you to streamline your approval process with the ability to approve or reject wholesale customer registrations and set a custom email notification for the customer as well. You can assign WooCommerce wholesale roles for your customers to ensure they have access to wholesale pricing and other features.

    The Whols plugin allows you to specify a redirection page upon completion of a wholesale order to help guide your customers to the next steps. You can also set a minimum order quantity to ensure that your wholesale orders meet a certain threshold. This plugin also has a free plan available, which you can check out and try.

    In addition, Whols offers advanced functionalities such as the ability to enable or disable payment methods and provide free shipping based on roles. Plus, it allows wholesale customers to receive email notifications about their approval or rejection. In all, you can enjoy modern features with this plugin that streamline your wholesale operations.

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  • 6. B2B for WooCommerce

    B2B WooCommerce

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    Plugin Description

    Like other plugins listed here, B2B for WooCommerce lets you create a members-only wholesale shop on your site. It can be run concurrently with a normal eCommerce store made for B2C customers.

    It includes wholesale customer signup forms and discounts based on user roles. An interesting addition is the “request a quote” functionality. You can display a quote button alongside the normal “Add to Cart” button allowing wholesale customers to add all the products they need to their order before reviewing the estimated quote. Then they can get in touch with you to finalize the pricing for the order. This is a great option if your business cannot set prices with simple discounts or if multiple product types complicate the order.

    You also have the option to restrict shipping options based on the order. This can be helpful if you want to disallow expensive shipping options for large, heavy orders or keep large orders within your country. Overall, it’s a very customizable plugin and should work well for most websites’ wholesale needs.

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  • 7. Wholesale for WooCommerce

    Wholesale for WooCommerce

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    Plugin Description

    Wholesale for WooCommerce is a straightforward plugin for adding wholesale options to your site and includes a friendly design for your site administration. It has all the features typical of a wholesale plugin, such as wholesale member registration forms, a private store, and role-based pricing.

    One unique feature included in this plugin is the ability to add subscription payments for wholesale orders. It works with WooCommerce subscription plugins to make wholesale orders available on a recurring basis.

    This premium plugin also includes minimum and maximum quantities for bulk product orders, compatibility with currency switcher plugins, and automatic account upgrading/downgrading from B2C to wholesale B2B.

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  • 8. YITH Role Based Prices

    YITH Role Based Prices

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    Plugin Description

    The Role Based Prices plugin by YITH offers a simple approach to a wholesale store. You can create as many user roles as you want and customize the store for each user’s experience. For example, you can markup or markdown all prices based on the type of account. You can also hide certain products or product categories or simply keep the prices hidden for visitors without an account. You can even show a custom message above the pricing, which can be quite helpful.

    Unlike most of the other plugins listed here, this WC plugin isn’t designed to create a separate store for wholesale buyers. Rather, it modifies the pricing and discounts based on the user role. This might be too limiting for some store owners, but it does provide the simplest solution.

    To see the screenshots and learn more about this plugin, click the “Learn More” link below.

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Which wholesale plugin is best?

Need more help?

Here are a few parting thoughts to help you make your final decision.

Wholesale Pro is an excellent choice because of its integration with Barn2’s Product Table plugin, which makes the ordering process efficient and organized.

While every plugin here has something great to offer, the one other I’ll point out here is B2B King. It’s extremely feature-rich and will be a good choice to grow with since it’s updated so often.

Thanks for reading this collection of the best WooCommerce wholesale plugins, and if it helped you out, please share it with someone else too.

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Ben Sibley
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