How to Reorder Your WordPress Posts

Want to reorder the posts on your blog?

By default, WordPress posts are sorted in reverse-chronological order. To change their order, you’d have to change the dates that they were published. Obviously, this is not ideal.

In this post, you’ll discover a great plugin that makes reordering your posts easy, and doesn’t require changing any dates.

How to Reorder Your Posts

The first step is to install and activate the Intuitive Custom Post Order plugin.

the Intuitive Custom Post Order on

Once installed, the only difference you’ll find on your site is the addition of a new Intuitive CPO menu item under Settings.

screenshot of the new menu item

Visit the settings page, and you’ll see the following options:

the Intuitive Custom Post Order settings

The first section, Sortable Post Types, allows you to make different post types on your site sortable. To enable re-ordering for your posts, check off the Posts box, and then click the blue Update button to save your settings.

Next, visit your posts in your dashboard, and hover your mouse over a post. You’ll notice the cursor switches to the drag-and-drop icon. Click and drag a post into a new location in the list, like this:

Once you drop the post into its new location, it will automatically update on your site. There’s no need to save – just drag-and-drop and the post order will change in the menu and live on your site.


With the Intuitive Custom Post Order plugin, reordering posts is simple.

Whether you’re reordering a few or dozens of posts, this will save you from changing the post dates one-by-one.

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  1. Muhammad amjad Muhammad amjad

    Your good information on worldpress thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Lori Anderson Lori Anderson

    This is great – I was able to reorder my posts within WordPress, but they don’t reorder on the live page. What am I doing wrong?

    • Ben Sibley Ben Sibley

      Hi Lori,

      Do you have any caching plugins on your site? You may be seeing a cached version of the page from before the posts were reordered. If that’s the case, there should be an option to “empty” the cache causing the new post order to display.

  3. Lori Anderson Lori Anderson

    I tried that and it didn’t work. I’ve checked my post settings, thinking it might be something in there, but I don’t see anything that would lock my posts into place.

  4. Lori Anderson Lori Anderson

    I downloade Rundiz PostOrder, and while it’s not a slick as the Intuitive Custom PostOrder, it actually works! Thank you!

  5. Lee Jones Lee Jones

    What a great little plugins, this has saved me hours, and whenever i add another post , i can simply rearrange them as desired, what can be simpler than drag and drop – brilliant , thank you so much

  6. Jim Gersetich Jim Gersetich

    Do you need to write any code to use this plugin?

    When I went to their web site, one of the first things I saw was a bunch of code, which immediately turned me off on their product. But, your description implies that it really does work, and you don’t mention having to do any coding.

    • Ben Sibley Ben Sibley

      On the plugin’s page, they do mention a few tips for developers who want to customize how the plugin works by using code, but you don’t need to do that. You can install the plugin and use it successfully without so much as looking at a line of code.

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