Top 5 Best Dance Studio WordPress Themes for 2019

“These themes are hand-picked for their outstanding design quality, features, and customer reviews.”

Word of mouth.

It works well for any business providing an excellent product or service. However…

Word of mouth usually isn’t enough to bring you a consistent flow of new customers. This is where your website comes in.

The WordPress themes here aren’t just for building pretty websites, they’re designed to build businesses. You can publish your class schedule, share your positioning statement, and promote free beginner classes just to name a few opportunities.

With the right theme for your dance studio, your website can become an incredibly valuable marketing tool.

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Dance studio WordPress themes

If you visit any theme here on your phone, you’ll see that they look just as good as on your computer. All of them have fantastic reviews from their customers too and are totally up-to-date with the newest versions of WordPress.

  • 1. Vibez by Elated Themes (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    If you want an extremely stylish website, Vibez may just be the WordPress theme for you. The style varies quite a bit between demo sites (there are 8 in total) which shows how flexible this theme is. You can create a bold, contemporary style or take a more elegant and sophisticated approach.

    If you’re going to use Vibez, you’ll want to make sure you have some excellent photographs to work with. Your homepage can be stunning, but the potential of the design will fall back to the quality of the image in the background. Vibez handles the typography and composition wonderfully, so everything else is in place if you can get the image right.

    Vibez has some really cool features for a dance studio website. It’s compatible with the Events Calendar plugin which you can use to publish a public calendar for dance recitals and shows. It also comes bundled with a premium plugin for adding timetables. These can be used to display the exact times of your classes in an easy-to-read weekly schedule. In addition, you can publish a beautiful blog, add image galleries and filterable portfolios, and even include a complete shop using the WooCommerce integration.

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  • 2. Pirouette by Curly Themes (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Want a simple, minimalist style for your website? Pirouette absolutely nails the minimalist style.

    There are four demo sites prepared for Pirouette although there isn’t that much variety between them. This is okay though if you like the style. Some of the themes listed here can be complex to setup and may lead you to create a lot of pages and sections on your site. If you want to put together a small, simple website, this may be the best choice for you.

    As a clean and simple theme, it is quite easy to navigate Pirouette and find what you’re looking for. Rather than creating a long, complex homepage with this theme, you may opt for a few simple pages and a call-to-action for a free first class. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity though. Pirouette has a huge amount of customization features available once you dig into the admin options. And the thing that really helps set it apart are the rave reviews about Curly Themes’ customer support. If you are new to WordPress, that may be an excellent reason for choosing Pirouette over other alternatives.

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  • 3. Dance School by Design Themes (Themeforest)

    Dance School WP theme

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    Theme Description

    Use the Dance School theme to create a beautiful new website for your dance studio. It’s common for a lot of themes to look the same, especially within the same niche or industry. Dance School stands out thanks to its incredibly creative layouts.

    Like many themes on Themeforest, it comes bundled with the Visual Composer plugin for creating custom templates. Many themes that do this look like their made from individual sections pieced together. The components in Dance School are so dynamic and well-designed that it doesn’t have this effect at all. Each part of your homepage will look professionally designed like it was made for your site only.

    While you’ll certainly want to create a custom homepage, you can create new templates for any number of pages on your site. Publish image galleries of your students and studio, share class details, promote upcoming events, and more with this flexible WordPress theme.

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  • 4. Dance Studio by CMS Masters (Themeforest)

    Dance Studio theme

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    Theme Description

    Dance Studio is a bold and colorful theme that will help you promote your classes and get more students in the door. It’s easy to modify and will work equally well for large and small studios.

    Browsing through the demo site you’ll find that Dance Studio makes it easy to share all of your classes even if you have a lot. There are templates for showcasing your instructors, publishing details about each class, and you can even publish complete class schedules. This awesome dance theme is also great for including call-to-actions for new students. You’ll have ample opportunity to advertise free intro lessons for beginners.

    The marketing savvy of Dance Studio’s design helps it stand out from other competing themes. The developers didn’t want to just make a nice looking theme. They clearly took the time to build it for real businesses that care about acquiring and retaining customers. And you can tell it’s working by the many positive reviews left by happy customers of this theme.

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  • 5. Dance Academy by Kamleshyadav (Themeforest)

    Dance Academy

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    Theme Description

    The Dance Academy theme has a simple design and will work for a variety of dance schools from hip-hop to ballet. The style is straightforward and not overly opinionated which affords it many uses.

    If you have great photographs of your studio and students, you’ll appreciate the image slider that displays front-and-center in this theme. Dance Academy comes bundled with Revolution Slider which gives you a massive amount of control over how your slider will look and perform. You can control the animations, colors, text layouts, and so much more.

    Another neat option in this theme is that you can make a single page website. In this case, you won’t need to publish any more than one page for your website. If you don’t care about publishing image full class schedules and more complex content like that then this option will work well for you.

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Which dance studio theme is best for you?

Vibez is incredibly stylish and comes with plenty of useful features which is why it gets my number one recommendation.

If you want a simple theme with a minimalist style, you can’t beat Pirouette. It’s a seriously beautiful and refined theme for dance classes. Another simple alternative is the Dance Academy theme which can be used to create a one-page website, and Dance Studio has a straightforward design and setup process.

Lastly, Dance School comes with a ton of functionality which makes it a great choice for anyone who likes to customize their site a lot or needs to make more than one website. Lastly

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