The 7 Best Facebook Messenger Plugins for WordPress

Facebook is more than just a social media platform for connecting with friends and family, it is also one of the biggest and rapidly growing digital marketing environment that bridges an ultimate connection between buyers and sellers.

In fact, in recent years, Facebook API keeps developing and bringing new technologies to aid small and big businesses whose online presence determines their level of profitability and their overall growth and development.

Facebook actually encourages businesses of all kinds to use Facebook Messenger chat plugins in order to transfer the website traffic to their own advertisement platform.

Like it or not, these WordPress add-ons for Facebook are not to be ignored. The various WordPress plugins for Facebook Messenger serve different purposes, and in this article, we will take a look at some of the best plugins to improve your website.

Facebook Messenger plugins

Only highly-rated plugins made it into this collection, so you can trust the solutions listed here.

Each of these Facebook plugins was designed to enable chat boxes on your site, in one way or another. They have beautiful designs, customization options, and all the functionality you’ll need.

Here are the top picks for the best Facebook Messenger plugins.

  • 1. CartBack – WooCommerce Abandoned Cart & Remarketing in Facebook Messenger

    CartBack plugin

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    Plugin Description

    This is a very useful plugin to most especially WooCommerce users. It sends abandoned cart messages/notifications to users who opt-in using the checkbox it places on every WooCommerce product pages below the “Add to Cart” button.

    CartBack Send to Facebook Messenger

    So if a user added an item to cart without checking out, the automated message would be sent to them reminding them about their cart items.

    Even more, it allows you to send messenger receipts to anyone who has made successful purchases, it can create a coupon option to automatically send coupon offers to anyone who opted in, it also has analytics integration to help you track and understand how the functions are working on your website.

    This tool is really a great way to go and a must-have for any WooCommerce-based store. On the fan page’s Navigation bar, choose Insights > Messages to see your messaging analytics.

    Facebook Messenger Insights

    Key features

    • Helps recover abandoned carts.
    • It shows the analytics of these activities.
    • You can send coupon to users
    • It allows you to set and automatically send receipts
    • It is easy to set up

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  • 2. Facebook Messenger for WordPress (Live Chat version)

    Facebook Messenger Live Chat

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    Plugin Description

    This particular Messenger Customer Chat plugin allows you to integrate your Facebook Messenger experience directly into your website. This way your customers can interact with your business anytime with the same personalized, rich-media experience they get in Messenger App. 

    The customer chat plugin automatically loads recent chat history between the person and your business, meaning recent interactions with your business on or in the Messenger app. This helps create a single experience for your customers and enables you to continue the conversation even after they have left your webpage. 

    Your site visitors can even chat via this unique chatbox without being required to log in via Facebook.

    Ninjateam Live Chat With Guest User

    You do not need to capture their information in order to follow up the conversation, you can just continue the same conversation inside Messenger.

    Key features

    • It creates a live chat experience
    • It synchronises conversation between messenger and website
    • It’s a very easy and fast way of connecting to customers
    • It supports all languages
    • It’s a plug and play kind of setup, no hard stuff required.

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  • 3. Facebook Chat – WordPress Facebook Messenger

    Elfsight Facebook Chat

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    Plugin Description

    This messenger plugin allows your users or customers to contact you via Facebook Messenger simply by clicking on a button. Users may contact you directly in private messages on your Facebook page and continue the conversation on Facebook Messenger. 

    This Facebook tool by Elfsight provides a very clean user-friendly editor that lets you adjust all parameters in one left sidebar and see the result right on the live preview. There are triggers to open chat box based on user behavior such as exit intent, on-page duration, time on site, and scroll positions.

    Elfsight Chat Open Trigger

    Though developed for WordPress with compatibility as priority, this plugin developers also bring an SaaS for other website building platforms. You can start off with a free plan with one-site limited terms.

    Key features

    • Very easy to set up
    • Open Facebook mobile Messenger app (if installed) on mobile
    • Shortcode function for displaying messenger button anywhere on website

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  • 4. Live Chat with Messenger Customer Chat

    Zotabox Messenger

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    Plugin Description

    This is a nice messenger tool, which brings about live chat experience directly on your website. It imports history of previous conversations and synchronises conversation between messenger and your website.

    Zotabox Facebook Messenger App Dashboard

    However, what’s not so cool about this particular tool is the fact that you are forced to create an account on zotabox’s website before you actually have access to the messenger tool. Also it is a subscription-based plugin, still nice as it comes with 30 days, no credit card required trial, you could use this to determine whether the tool is worth buying or not.

    Key features

    • It creates a live chat experience
    • It synchronises conversation between messenger and website
    • It is subscription-based, but the plan also comes with a lot of awesome addons
    • It offers a nice 30 days, no credit card required trial.

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  • 5. NinjaTeam Facebook Messenger for WordPress

    Ninjateam Facebook Messenger for Wordpress

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    Plugin Description

    This is a nice messenger plugin, which happens to be one of the earliest messenger versions for websites, though the live chat version of the messenger would still be preferred to this one because of that function of live chat. As this particular messenger does not create a live chat experience, instead, it allows visitors to send the first message only, after which they have to go to their messenger in order to continue the conversation.

    However, it also has some advantages over the live chat version of Facebook messenger plugin. It allows the creation of shortcodes which can be used to generate and display the messenger button at any location in your website.

    This tool is very easy to set up, it is compatible with multiple languages and with a lot of other plugins, it is indeed a great way to go if you do not really value the live chat experience or if the shortcode function entices you much more.

    Key features

    • Very easy to set up
    • It supports shortcode to generate messenger buttons
    • It is non-live chat but it allows users to send the first message before going to continue in messenger
    • It supports all languages
    • It is customizable for most parts

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  • 6. XeroChat – Multichannel Marketing Application

    XeroChat chat plugin

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    Plugin Description

    If you’re a fan of Omnichannel marketing, then this solution is definitely tailored just for you! XeroChat is a white-label SaaS software with an all-in-one solution for your business to grow. The customer can be shopping online from a desktop or mobile device, or in a brick-and-mortar store, and the experience will be seamless.

    Includes in this ultimate bundle are click-to-message button, Messenger bot, auto comment tools, SMS marketing packages, and social media cross-posting.

    Xerochat Post Back Template

    During editing bot or post-back reply, you will be able to re-order replies, re-order any post-back button, quick replies button & carousel template with drag & drop sorting facility. This will give you much flexibility in editing bot replies & not to start from the beginning if you make any mistake in ordering replies.

    What you will appreciate about this plugin is that it provides quite a jiggy forum in which you can raise your issue and get it solved by other users.

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  • 7. Facebook Messenger Chat with Bot

    Facebook Messenger Chat with Bot

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    Plugin Description

    Facebook messenger chat bot is one of the fastest growing chatbot integrations since the release of its API to community developers by Facebook. You can input pre-set commands to the bot which makes it automatically answer questions from your customers/visitors directly via Facebook messenger interaction.

    This tool is also compatible with other Facebook messenger tools. For instance, when combined with the Facebook messenger (live chat), the bot can work directly on your website. This is a great way to save time and grow your business.

    Messenger Bot Interface

    Key features

    • It is an AI technology
    • It helps save time in your support department
    • The bot can handle complex inputs like text response, button response, lists, etc.
    • Affordable one-time price
    • Customizable for most parts

    Learn more

Which Facebook Messenger plugin is best?

In this article, we hope that you have learnt something about Facebook messenger plugins and if you were filled with curiosity!

Our business also utilizes the majority of these Facebook plugins including the messenger bubble (live chat) and messenger bot which have always helped us save a lot of time.

Of course Facebook the social media giant has its very own plugin for Messenger Chat. However, this one is not recommended as it’s been newly developed and not compatible well with many WordPress themes and plugins.

If your site is only a personal one, whose functionality does not rely much on 3rd party plugins, you can use the Official Facebook Messenger plugin as it is free and native.

So, if your business is already established online or you are just starting out, you should try to integrate any of the premium Facebook messenger chat solutions. All those plugins let you gain insights of analytics for your Facebook fan pages. 

Have we left out any worth-mentioning plugins from the above list? If so, let us know in the comment box below.

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