Top 5 Best WordPress Facebook Feed Plugins

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Want to synchronize your audience with Facebook?

If you’re posting consistently on Facebook, it doesn’t make sense to keep your website completely separate.

Automatically publish your latest posts on your site too!

Better still, embed Facebook feeds from any public Facebook page on your site. Use it as an always-current news feed.

The plugins in this collection are insanely customizable and provide all the control you could ever want when adding Facebook feeds to your site.

Continue reading to discover the top picks.

Want to create your own social network instead? We’ve got you covered. Read this guide on how to make a site like Facebook to get started.

Facebook feed plugins

You’ll find free, premium, and freemium plugins in this collection. All of them can embed stories from FB, and some work with other networks like Twitter and Instagram too.

Here are the top picks for the best Facebook feed plugins.

  • 1. Facebook Feed

    Facebook Feed premium plugin

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    Plugin Description

    Facebook Feed is the perfect plugin for adding Facebook content to your WordPress site. It has over 1,000+ sales and an astounding 4.98/5.00 rating from more than 50 reviews.

    The Facebook Feed plugin has three primary features bundled. First, you can embed a feed of your latest posts with the widget provided. This includes everything from your personal timeline. Each post includes the comments, shares, reactions, and share button. Add the widget to any widget area provided by your theme.

    Next, you get access to the photos feature. This feature allows you to create and publish image galleries sourced entirely from the albums already published to your Facebook account.

    Lastly, Facebook Feed adds a similar feature specifically for videos. You can create a gorgeous and fully responsive video gallery from your FB videos.

    The Facebook Feed plugin has a gorgeous design for all the FB embeds and quite a few additional features not mentioned here. Click the link below to see what else it can do.

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  • 2. Flow-Flow


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    Plugin Description

    Flow-Flow is the most popular plugin in this collection of Facebook feed plugins. That’s because it doesn’t just work for FB, it can also be used for Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more.

    The Flow-Flow plugin works seamlessly with all social networks thanks to the well-written API integration. With smart caching, you can also expect fast load times on any page with social streams embedded.

    When it comes to the Facebook embeds in particular, you can publish streams of posts and photo albums from any public fan page. You can publish as many feeds as you want including multiple feeds on a single page. You can even create a stream on your site sourced from multiple social sites. For instance, include a live-updating single feed from your Facebook and Twitter profiles.

    Overall, Flow-Flow is incredibly robust and an excellent choice for any WordPress users that expect they’ll want to embed feeds on their site from other social sites in addition to Facebook.

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  • Facebook Feed Grid with Carousel

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    Plugin Description

    This Facebook plugin is quite a bit different in that it displays masonry grids and carousels of Facebook posts. It’s great for creating pages dedicated entirely to Facebook posts rather than just including a widget in your sidebar.

    One strength of this plugin is the variety of styles. There are multiple skins for the post grid, video embeds, carousel, and even individual status posts. Some are vastly different from others like the timeline layout which is great if you want to showcase a series of events. You can change the background colors, pick from 1-5 columns in the grid, and enable “load more” pagination (similar to infinite scroll).

    Shortcodes included with “Facebook Feed Grid with Carousel” allow you to embed the feeds anywhere on your site. Plus, it has compatibility with Visual Composer allowing you to include it in your custom templates made with the page builder plugin.

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  • 4. 10Web Facebook Feed

    10Web Facebook Feed

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    Plugin Description

    Add an unlimited number of Facebook feeds to your site with the 10Web Facebook Feed plugin. Use the shortcodes included to embed the feeds in any post or page. There’s a widget available as well.

    Embedding FB feeds on your site is a great way to boost engagement and the time visitors spend on your site. These are both signals to the search engines that you have quality content which can lead to more organic search traffic.

    Feeds on your site auto-update so that they’re always synced with what’s happening live on Facebook. The built-in lightbox allows visitors to click on an item and engage with it right on your site.

    If you want even more options, the premium version adds new themes, social sharing buttons, and controls to show/hide certain posts using filters.

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  • 5. Custom Facebook Feed

    Custom Facebook Feed

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    Plugin Description

    The developers behind Custom Facebook Feed, Smash Balloon, make some of the best social plugins for WordPress. This plugin is no exception.

    With Custom Facebook Feed, you can display responsive embeds of Facebook feeds sourced from any public Facebook page. The styles can match FB perfectly or be tweaked to fit your brand a bit better. You can customize everything from the width and height to the spacing and background color of the feeds.

    Setup is quick and painless thanks to the easy-to-use and well-organized settings menu. The feeds stay synced with Facebook and the built-in caching ensures that your feeds load fast. Choose how many posts you want to be displayed, set a maximum character limit, and even add a custom header to each feed with Custom Facebook Feed.

    Smash Balloon also offers a premium upgrade with more features which you can check out with the orange button above.

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Which Facebook feed plugin is best?

You don’t need to look further than Facebook Feed. It’s an incredible plugin and includes all the features you need.

That said, you may not have the funds to pay right now. If that’s the case, one alternative is the 10Web Facebook Feed plugin which is also quite customizable and has a premium upgrade if you decide you need more options.

Still have questions? Use the comment form below to post about these WordPress Facebook feed plugins.

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Ben Sibley
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