Top 5 Best Food Delivery WordPress Plugins for 2021

Can you automate food delivery with WordPress?


In fact, there are quite a few amazing plugins to choose from.

With the plugins listed here, you can add beautiful menus to your site and include a complete shopping experience for ordering meals. You can even have orders automatically print to a thermal printer inside your restaurant.

Keep reading to find out what else is possible with these plugins.

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Food delivery plugins

A mixture of free and paid plugins have been included. You’ll find that they all have a solid variety of features and excellent customer reviews.

Here are my top picks for the best food delivery plugins for WordPress.

  • 1. WooRestaurant

    WooRestaurant plugin

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    Plugin Description

    WooRestaurant utilizes WooCommerce to add a complete online food ordering and delivery service to your restaurant’s website. Unlike other WooCommerce local delivery plugins, this one is made specifically for restaurants.

    Check out the live demo for WooRestaurant where you can try out browsing menus, adding items to your cart, and completing the checkout process. The menu can have multiple categories where visitors switch between “pages” instantly without the whole page reloading. Every menu item can have a unique image and symbols for qualities like spice level and vegetarian.

    Visitors can make an order for pickup or delivery. You can also set a fixed delivery price and a minimum order amount, and include your hours of operation too. These are all critical for a professional restaurant website.

    Since this food delivery plugin is built to work with extremely popular WooCommerce plugin, you can expect perfection from the payment processing and order accuracy.

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  • 2. Norsani


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    Plugin Description

    If you want to create a site like Grubhub that has multiple restaurants listed on the site, you’ll find Norsani is exactly what you’re looking for.

    Norsani is the only WordPress plugin made for an online food delivery marketplace. It allows for a multi-vendor setup where businesses can register on your site and then create their menus. Each business gets their own dashboard for viewing and managing all orders.

    The design out-of-box is beautiful. Each restaurant is listed in the card gallery layout of the homepage, and clicking any restaurant takes visitors to their complete menu. Overall, the searching and ordering experiences are extremely similar to using Grubhub.

    Since Norsani is built with WooCommerce, you can use PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, or any other payment processor you’d like.

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  • 3. WooFood

    WooFood food delivery plugin

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    Plugin Description

    As you can likely guess from the name, WooFood is a food delivery plugin for WooCommerce. It makes sense that all of these plugins integrate with the eCommerce giant because it’s such a reliable backbone for selling goods online. Add it to a food truck business to take your hot plates on the go and boost your sales.

    WooFood is a simpler alternative than some other options and is easy to set up on your site. That said, it includes some neat features like extra options (think pizza toppings) to help increase the average order value and Google Maps embeds, making your restaurant easy to find. There is support for multiple vendors like the Norsani plugin listed above too.

    One cool feature in WooFood is the automatic order printing that is compatible with thermal printers. This could seriously improve the workflow inside your restaurant as online orders come in. If you’re already using eCommerce on your site, you can integrate WooFood immediately with your WooCommerce restaurant theme.

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  • 4. RestroPress


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    Plugin Description

    RestroPress is new plugin for adding food delivery orders to your WP site. At this time, it’s completely free and I anticipate there will be some premium add-ons in the future. So far, it’s collected three reviews from its users; all five-star ratings.

    There’s a demo site linked to on the product page – click the button or image above to access it. On the demo, you can try adding items to your cart and completing an order. The checkout process is fairly smooth. It could be further optimized, but for a free plugin, it’s pretty impressive.

    Some additional benefits of using this plugin are the built-in add-on items, push notifications for mobile devices, sales dashboard, and PayPal integration. If you’re not using WooCommerce, RestroPress could be the quickest ordering system to add to your site.

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  • 5. Food Online for WooCommerce

    Food Online For WooCommerce

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    Plugin Description

    Food Online for WooCommerce is the simplest option here especially if you’re already using the WooCommerce plugin. It works well with other WC extensions too if you want even more customization utilities. It’s a necessary addition for any fast food website or restaurant planning to process online sales.

    This restaurant plugin has a few simple customization options inside. You can change the brand color, switch between one or two columns, and change the icons displayed for the menu, titles, and images.

    If you want a quick way to add food deliveries to your WooCommerce restaurant website, Food Online for WooCommerce is a simple and free option for your site.

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Which food delivery plugin is best?

I recommend WooRestaurant over all others because of its seamless integration with WooCommerce and works best for individual restaurant websites.

If you want to start a multivendor online food delivery service, go with Norsani.

Otherwise, you can find pros and cons to each of the remaining options. If you have questions about any of these food delivery WordPress plugins, post in the comments section below.

Ben Sibley
Ben Sibley
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