The 12 Best Restaurant WooCommerce Themes for 2020

Ben Sibley

“These themes are hand-picked for their outstanding design quality, features, and customer reviews.”

A restaurant is more than just a place to have a meal. Every restaurant is characterized by a unique style and atmosphere that makes visitors want to come back there again. And the restaurant’s website can emphasize its best qualities.

Your website can be a valuable asset to your restaurant for a few reasons.

First, it’s a great tool for your satisfied customers to share reviews. Secondly, you can provide visitors with a way to order their food online which is often easier than tying up an employee on the phone. And of course, your website will also be an excellent way to show off your menu and beautiful photographs of your finest dishes.

Creating your restaurant’s site will be an enjoyable process if you use these inventive and professional restaurant WooCommerce themes.

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Restaurant WooCommerce themes

The themes included in this collection have been chosen for their tasteful design and awesome customization options. They will let you modify your webpage according to your preferences and requirements.

Moreover, WooCommerce themes are a wonderful instrument to run your business online effectively.

Here are my top picks for best restaurant WooCommerce WordPress themes for 2021.
  • 1. Majesty by Eye Themes (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Majesty is a pretty straightforward theme for restaurants that need eCommerce functionality. You’ll appreciate its through integration with the WooCommerce plugin.

    Majesty works with all of WooCommerce’s functionality making it easy to sell items from your shop or even take payment for services. Of course, as a theme for restaurants, Majesty also has a reservation form built-in that can work with OpenTable or any of the most popular WordPress contact form plugins.

    The Majesty theme has a huge variety of layouts for the overall design of the site, the header, and the footer. If you click the link below, you can view all the various demo sites which do a great job of showing off just how customizable the Majesty theme is.

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  • 2. Pizzaro by Madras Themes (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Not looking for a fine dining theme? Pizzaro is perfect for the casual eatery.

    The Pizzaro theme has an awesome style and complete eCommerce support via its WooCommerce integration. While you can add a regular shop to your site, the eCommerce capabilities probably make more sense for a fast food restaurant than a dine-in establishment. With Pizzaro and WooCommerce, visitors can pay for their meal online and order it either for pickup or local delivery. Forget about your website just looking nice, with Pizzaro, it’s going to be a sales machine.

    The Pizzaro theme is also crazily customizable with everything from the colors to the fonts being editable. There’s also page builder support for creating custom templates and so many other neat features. Click the link below to learn more and see everything Pizzaro can do for your restaurant.

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  • 3. Aahar by ThemesHub

    Aahar theme

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    Theme Description

    Aahar is a multipurpose restaurant WooCommerce themes, so it will be suitable for different types of restaurants, including food delivery services. Based on Bootstrap4 and equipped with a fast drag-and-drop page builder, this template will impress you with its functionality. You can create restaurant menus with different categories and present food, special prices, delivery service the way you find most appropriate.

    Furthermore, you can attract visitors with various kinds of animation and page design. Use magnificent sliders like Carousel to present your content in a slideshow. Choose from a variety of layouts, including 4 different Homepage layouts, and create enchanting Galleries. Also, edit the color scheme of your website easily using the Color Switcher.

    Another important feature of Aahar is the WPML compatibility, so you can run your website in different languages.

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  • 4. RongCha by ThemesHub


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    Theme Description

    With its stylish green and white design, this theme will perfectly suit a tea store, an organic food restaurant, or a coffee shop.

    Built with the drag-and-drop MotoPress editor, RongCha makes styling your website easy. As it is responsive, you can be sure that your website will display properly on any screen and in any browser. Also, the template has a mobile layout if you want to create a special version for mobile phones and tablets.

    You can arrange your information into menus of different complexity, show your trending or new products, and present weekly sales, for instance. Moreover, you can run a blog to describe specific features of your products in as many details as you wish and to update your news. You might even want to add a plugin for products bought together to further enhance your recommendations. Your customers will also appreciate such functions as Compare and Add to Wishlist that facilitates their online shopping.

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  • 5. Piccante by Zemez


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    Theme Description

    Bright and hot, this theme will become ideal for a spice store or a restaurant that specializes in spicy food.

    You will definitely love customizing your webpages, as they are full of magnificent details. Create an attractive Homepage, showcase your products in the most appropriate way, choosing from Products Grid, Products Listing, Single Products, and add a blog to provide more information about your goods. You can also present different items attractively with the help of Products Carousel widget.

    Carefully crafted modules included into Elementor Page Builder will astonish you with their variety and drag-and-drop functionality. Your customers will be satisfied with the site’s functionality, too, as you can add Ajax Filter, Compare and Wishlist functions to your website. As a special giveaway, this theme includes numerous high-quality pictures to use on your website.

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  • 6. Vinedo by Zemez


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    Theme Description

    Having an elegant sophisticated look, this theme will let you create a wonderful website for an online wine store or a restaurant that wants to emphasize its wine bar, presenting even the most expensive collections effectively.

    Powered with Elementor drag-and-drop page builder, this incredible theme will let you arrange your content without much effort. Choose your ways to display different content and enjoy customizing your pages, applying different background options and changing typography as you wish. Arranging your data efficiently will be facilitated by the dropdown menu that allows you to create menus of different complexity.

    Moreover, the theme comes with various tools to promote your communication with customers. You can add a Contact Form, a Login Form, Newsletter Subscription, Commenting System and other social options. Besides, there is a possibility to add a calendar to inform your clients of special offers, for instance.

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  • 7. Freshmix by Zemez


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    Theme Description

    If you wish to create a bright online store or restaurant that deals with organic food, pay attention to this amazing template. Freshmix includes a great number of pre-made pages to showcase your goods to the best advantage.

    If you need to organize the variety of products in your store, make use of the Dropdown Menu and Mega Menu possibilities. To assist your clients in their searches, add Ajax Products Filter that will let them find necessary items by applying different criteria. Moreover, you can include Product Quick View to provide people with information about the goods without the necessity to open the product’s page separately.

    The theme is also Retina-ready, so you can create astonishing galleries adding high-resolution pictures to your website. Undoubtedly, you can customize your website easily changing background colors and typography to meet your style.

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  • 8. Chocolate by Templatemela


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    Theme Description

    This appetizing sweet theme is multipurpose, so it can be applied to different websites. It will be suitable for an online store that sells chocolate and coffee, a bakery, an online candy store, a confectioner’s, and many more.

    Amazing sliders included in Chocolate will be useful for saving space and organizing your website efficiently. You can easily showcase your featured products, latest arrivals, or best-selling goods. Moreover, you can add Product Tags to help your customers find the necessary goods quicker. Also, you can create Product Quick View to give people additional information about goods in a quick and convenient way. Furthermore, this theme supports different languages and currencies, so it makes managing an international store easier.

    The variety of ways to run your blog is impressive, too. You can choose from different post formats and add images, audio, and video to your posts. The theme also allows you to create a magnificent portfolio, arranging your data in two, three, or four columns.

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  • 9. Naturio by Zemez


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    Theme Description

    Suitable for creating an online store or restaurant that deals with organic goods and farming products, this sparkling theme is equipped with numerous features that make it really efficient.

    You can present your goods in lists, grids, or as single products. Products Quick View and Ajax Products Filter are highly useful for facilitating the search. It is also convenient for your customers to add items to their wishlist to make their minds later.

    Moreover, a blog can be used to tell your clients about the peculiarities of your products or about new goods. You can choose from such post formats as Aside, Image, Gallery, Audio, Quote, or Link Format, and add Commenting System to see what people think. If you need to introduce your team, take advantage of Our Team and Team Members features that let you give information about your team, and also lets customers get in touch with them.

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  • 10. Yummy by Zemez


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    Theme Description

    Being bright and sweet, Yummy will be easily transformed into an online store that sells honey and other goods connected with it.

    The theme allows you to organize your goods into numerous categories, thus making your page structured and clear. An incredible MotoPress Slider will help you save the space presenting information concisely. Also, when your customers are looking for goods, their search results can be shown in different ways. It is possible to filter search results according to several criteria which make searching quicker.

    If you need to post information, there is a possibility to run a blog and add information in different formats, including images, videos, quotes, and others. There are four blog layouts to choose from and an opportunity to place your sidebar on the right or on the left if you need it.

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  • 11. GrindBean by Zemez


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    Theme Description

    GrindBean is another astonishing theme that lets you create a powerful coffee shop or café.

    It contains an ultimate pack of Cherry Plugins that will allow you to showcase your projects and dishes, introduce your team to your customers, present all your services, include testimonials and reviews from your clients, and many more. Additionally, the theme includes an enormous pack of WooCommerce plugins that let you present your goods efficiently. You can apply product carousels, organize various categories and create menus, add banners and so on. Moreover, due to Live Customizer you can edit your webpage and see the changes without reloading your website.

    The theme also has Ajax Products Filter, Products Quick View, Wishlist and Compare options. These features let your customers browse a variety of goods and find necessary items quicker, at the same time making a conscious choice after comparing different products.

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  • 12. Greenville by Zemez


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    Theme Description

    Greenville is a colorful theme that will be suitable for restaurants that deal with organic food, as well as vegetarian restaurants. The theme provides you with advanced options to create a unique website.

    Its efficient dropdown menu will let you add various categories of goods and organize everything effectively. Dropdown Cart and Back-to-Top button make the website navigation easier, too. You can also add product categories tabs for your customers to find products faster. Also, product sorting filter will be handy for limiting search results and finding necessary items quicker. Although this theme hasn’t got free topic images, you can add your own pictures of the highest quality, as the theme is Retina-ready.

    This theme includes various social options to promote your company via different social networks. Particularly, there is Facebook Like Box and Instagram Board.

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Which restaurant WooCommerce theme is best for you?

You can’t go wrong with Majesty. Its thoughtful integration with WooCommerce should make it a top choice for your website.

Pizzaro is perfect for pizzerias, fast food, and other casual eateries.

Aahar will be your next choice if your aim is to create a food delivery and service website. The Bootstrap4 framework will guarantee an easy process of webpage launching.

In case you want to launch an attractive green tea store, RongCha will be perfect for you. Its clean and stylish design will help you to present goods in an appealing way.

Piccante will be suitable for creating a restaurant with spicy food or a spice store full of different features.

To create a charming online wine store, use the theme Vinedo. It’s got many ways to present your products in an attractive way.

If your aim is to launch a website for selling organic food, you can use Freshmix, a colorful theme full of customization options.

Chocolate is a multipurpose theme with a great variety of functions, so it will be suitable for creating different kinds of stores, particularly, a chocolate store, a coffee shop, or a bakery. It is multi-language and multi-currency, so it will suit an international store as well.

If you need an online store that is connected with organic food, farming products, cereals, oils, flours, or meals, you will benefit from Naturio. Its colorful images are sure to emphasize the healthiness of your products.

Amber-colored Yummy theme is a magnificent tool for creating an online shop that deals with honey. Present your goods in numerous categories, take advantage of included images, and attract customers with sliding galleries.

GrindBean will be appropriate for coffee shops and cafés with a variety of products. Its WooCommerce package, plugins, and filters will help you launch a functional website easily.

If you need a theme for a restaurant that specializes in organic food or a vegetarian restaurant, Greenville can be your choice. It’s full of customization options and unimaginable functionality.

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