The 7 Best Restaurant Menu WordPress Plugins (Online Ordering Included)

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Every restaurant website needs a menu.

While you can find a restaurant theme with a beautiful design and food menu included, you don’t have to install a whole new theme if you just need to add a menu. You can use one of these plugins instead.

Below we’ve collected the best WordPress plugins for adding a restaurant menu to your site.

You can follow our tutorial on creating a restaurant website if you don’t have a website already.

Restaurant menu WordPress plugins

You’ll find a variety of styles available in this collection of plugins. There are free, freemium, and premium plugins included, so you can find a solution that matches your budget.

Below are my top picks for the best restaurant menu plugins.

  • 1. Orderable

    Orderable plugin

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    Plugin Description

    Creating a beautiful menu for your restaurant is one thing, but with Orderable, you can do a lot more.

    Orderable lets you accept takeout and pickup orders, include toppings and side dishes as add-ons, and receive order notifications in addition to showcasing your whole menu online.

    It works by integrating with the popular WooCommerce plugin as the foundation for handling eCommerce transactions. Normally, WooCommerce works best for clothing stores and the like, but Orderable streamlines the checkout experience so that it works wonderfully for restaurants. And the best part is, you won’t have to pay the expensive fees that delivery apps charge.

    If you’re interested in a solution for accepting orders online in addition to publishing a menu, click the link below to learn more about Orderable.

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  • 2. Food Menu

    TLP Food Menu

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    Plugin Description

    The Food Menu plugin has a cool style. I like the menus created with this plugin because they display items in a two-column grid that makes it easy to browse. Plus, every dish can have an image displayed alongside the name and price.

    The restaurant menus you can add with this plugin are fully responsive, so they’ll adapt to the screen size whether visitors show up to your site on laptops or mobile devices.

    Each menu item has the following attributes available:

    • Title
    • Description
    • Category
    • Order
    • Price
    • Excerpt
    • Featured Image

    To output the menu, you’ll get a customizable shortcode where you can select exactly which menu items you want to be included. Food Menu also has a pro version with additional tools and features.

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  • 3. WP Food

    WP Food

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    Plugin Description

    WP Food is a restaurant menu and food delivery plugin. Use it to create a list of all your dishes, including prices and online ordering options too.

    This food plugin includes a handful of display options. You can show off your dishes in a list, table, grid, or carousel slider layout. Each of these layouts includes a few styles to choose from too.

    If you want visitors to order directly from your website, WP Food has full local delivery functionality built-in, so takeout and delivery options are easily implemented.

    The developers have created a variation of this plugin that works with WooCommerce, but if you’re not already using that plugin, you’ll appreciate that this plugin has its own simple eCommerce system for you to accept payments on your site.

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  • 4. Foodbook


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    Plugin Description

    FoodBook is a truly impressive plugin, especially for the price. I didn’t include this as #1 because it is overly complex for anyone who wants a simple list of dishes, but if you want to integrate online takeout and delivery orders, look no further.

    The FoodBook plugin has a gorgeous layout that will make all your dishes look delicious. Search and filtering options are included in the sidebar, making it easy for visitors to find the dishes they want. Since it’s a WooCommerce restaurant plugin, diners will use a reliable eCommerce platform for checkout.

    FoodBook includes numerous layouts from lists to grids and tables, a delivery availability checker, pickup options, customer ratings, delivery time slots, scheduled deliveries, and more. It’s well beyond what you need to publish your menu, but if you want to add online ordering too, you can get all these features with the FoodBook plugin.

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  • 5. Food Menus

    Food Menus

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    Plugin Description

    The Food Menus pack plugin is a little bit different from the other options here.

    While the other plugins are designed to work as complete restaurant menu solutions, this plugin requires integration with the WPBakery plugin (formerly known as Visual Composer). If you already use Visual Composer, here’s how this plugin can work for your site.

    You’ll get 24 food menu templates to select from. Every template is fully responsive, has customizable colors, editable fields and icons, and custom hover effects. It’s honestly astounding how varied the styles are and how many different types of menus you can create. You can create any type of design you want for a Mexican restaurant, pizzeria, cafe, whatever you want.

    I’m not sure this is the best solution if you’re not already familiar with WPBakery, but if you are, you won’t be disappointed by the incredible customizability offered by the Food Menus plugin.

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  • 6. Restaurant Menu

    Restaurant Menu

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    Plugin Description

    Restaurant Menu by MotoPress is a fully-featured plugin for adding menus to restaurant and food truck websites. There’s a simple Restaurant Menus page added to your admin dashboard where you can manage your menu.

    The menu item management is pretty comprehensive. Each dish can be assigned categories and tags just like a post. You can even enter the ingredients in the meal. These tools can help you easily label vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options for your visitors before they patronize your establishment.

    There are various styles, so don’t just take the screenshot above as the only possibility of how your menu can look. The plugin page has more screenshots of the menu in use, and since Restaurant Menu is free, you can quickly install it on your site to try it out first hand.

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  • 7. Food and Drink Menu

    Food And Drink Menu

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    Plugin Description

    Food and Drink Menu is free to use and has a nicely organized back-end for creating menus. Based on all the five-star reviews, other users are finding it very easy to work with. Use it to create a menu for a fine dining restaurant or a cocktail and draft beer list for a bar or pub.

    As for the menu’s presentation on the front-end of the site, it’s fairly plain but looks nice. You can see one of the menu designs featured in the screenshot above. The other designs are similar but with different layouts.

    This plugin is also compatible with WPML, so it works well with multilingual websites. All of the menus you create will also be optimized for rich snippets, which helps search engines understand your content and lead to higher search rankings.

    While this plugin has a pro upgrade with additional functionality, the developers have done a nice job providing a complete experience in the free version.

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Which restaurant plugin is best for you?

WP Food has a variety of attractive designs and optional online ordering built-in, which is why it got the top recommendation.

If you want online ordering and more advanced delivery features, check out the FoodBook plugin instead.

Food Menus is more complex because it requires integration with the WPBakery page builder, but it is by far the most customizable in regards to style and presentation.

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