The 5 Best Campaign Tracking Plugins for WordPress

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Want to know how much traffic you’re getting from your marketing campaigns?

How about the number of conversions?

The free campaign tracking plugins below can do all of this and more. Using one of these plugins, you’ll be able to:

  • Quickly create new campaign links with UTM parameters
  • Track sales with conversion pixels
  • See which referrers are sending you new leads

You may even want to install a few of these plugins to get a better picture of your marketing results.

Now let’s dive into the list!

Best marketing campaign plugins

Only highly-rated plugins from reputable developers have been included here. While each plugin is unique, they all have functionality that will help you track and optimize your marketing campaigns.

Here are the best WordPress plugins for marketing campaign creation and link tracking.

  • 1. Independent Analytics

    Independent Analytics plugin

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    Plugin Description

    Independent Analytics adds a full analytics tracking suite to WordPress without using cookies or slowing your site down. It’s a great alternative to Google Analytics if you’re looking to switch to something else.

    In the Pro version of Independent Analytics, there’s a campaign tracking feature, which reports on every visit from a link with campaign URL parameters.

    Campaigns Table
    Here’s the campaign traffic dashboard

    In addition, there’s a Campaign URL Builder, making it easy to create new links or variations from previously created ones.

    Campaign URL Builder

    If you’re looking for an easy way to create campaign URLs and track their clicks, Independent Analytics Pro could be an excellent addition to your site.

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  • 2. Campaign URL Builder

    Campaign URL Builder

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    Plugin Description

    Campaign URL Builder is a simple and straightforward plugin for creating campaign links. It adds a builder right inside your WP dashboard and lets you fill out the fields, such as the Campaign Source, Medium, and Name. Then you can click the Generate Link button to create the link.

    In addition to creating the campaign links, it stores a list of links you’ve previously created. This makes it easy to revisit them in the future and copy them to your clipboard. You can also see which user on the site created the link.

    The Source and Medium are entered separately and saved to keep your campaigns more organized. When creating a new link, you’ll select these from dropdowns instead of typing them in manually. This prevents typos from messing up the organization of your links.

    Overall, it’s a handy plugin for creating trackable links for your marketing campaigns.

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  • BetterLinks plugin

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    Plugin Description

    UTM parameters are great for link tracking, but there is one problem… the links get extremely long and ugly. When used as anchor text, this isn’t a problem, but otherwise, they can be offputting to users. They may look untrustworthy and get fewer clicks because of how they look, and that’s where BetterLinks comes in.

    With BetterLinks, you can create custom “shortlinks” that will redirect to any URL you want. For instance, if your website is, you could create a custom shortlink like and have it redirect to a landing page with all the UTM link parameters included. Then you can share the shortlink across your social media channels and anywhere else you want.

    In addition to making your links shorter and more attractive, you also get additional tracking. BetterLinks includes a chart and a full list of every click made on each of your links. This can be a great supplement to any click tracking you get from other tools, like Independent Analytics Pro.

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  • 4. Pixel Manager for WooCommerce

    Pixel Manager for WooCommerce

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    Plugin Description

    If you run a WooCommerce store, you’re probably no stranger to paid advertising. While organic channels can be tough to track, finding the profitability of ads is much easier, thanks to tracking pixels.

    And yet, when it comes to implementing pixels, you can end up with a whole new suite of wonky plugins from Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. This plugin replaces them all and does a much better job.

    With Pixel Manager for WooCommerce, all you have to do is enter the ID from your Google Analytics account, and the rest is handled for you. It automatically tracks conversions from Facebook, Google AdWords, Twitter Ads, TikTok, and more. With the Google Analytics integration, you also get to see these conversions show up in your analytics dashboard.

    If you want to accurately track conversions from your ads and you’re using WooCommerce, it doesn’t get much better than this.

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  • 5. CP Referrer & Conversion Tracking

    CP Referrer & Conversion Tracking plugin

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    Plugin Description

    The great thing about UTM parameters is that they’re standardized across marketing apps. Most email services, for instance, will automatically add these parameters to links in your emails, and this makes it easy to detect traffic with these parameters.

    The CP Referrer & Conversion Tracking plugin is awesome because it takes things a step further. Instead of just tracking visits from campaign links, it tracks referrers. It does this by adding custom integrations with plugins like WooCommerce and Contact Form 7. Whenever someone completes a sale (or submits a contact form), you’ll see a new conversion appear with the referrer alongside it.

    This data is incredibly useful because you can see how many leads you’re generating via Google or Instagram and then know how to prioritize your marketing in the future.

    This plugin will be a great addition to your site if you want a simple and unique way to find which marketing channels are driving results.

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Which campaign tracking plugin is best?

If you want to track your site’s traffic, including visits from campaign URLs, then Independent Analytics will be a great choice. It’s an especially good choice for WooCommerce store owners because it can tell you exactly how many sales you make from each campaign link.

Learn more about Independent Analytics

For pixel conversion tracking, there’s no plugin better than Pixel Manager for WooCommerce. This plugin is a must-have for any WooCommerce store using paid ads to drive sales.

And here’s one last shout-out for the conversion tracking plugin by CodePeople. It’s an innovative and simple way to find out which referrers lead to each conversion.

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Ben Sibley
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