The 4 Best WooCommerce Anti-Fraud Plugins for Fraud Detection and Email Address Blocking

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Struggling with fraud?

It’s hard enough to get customers to land on your store and checkout without also combating fraudulent purchases.

But fraud is a harsh reality of selling online. You have to give in and let the fraudsters wreak havoc on your store, or fight back.

As a WordPress user, you have access to a variety of powerful WooCommerce anti-fraud plugins that can help.

These plugins offer highly configurable systems for detecting fraud and pausing or outright canceling payments that are detected as high-risk.

We’ve outlined each plugin and its most important features below.

The best anti-fraud WooCommerce plugins

Only plugins from well-regarded developers have made it into this collection.

Each plugin has its own unique strengths and weakness, so take the time to review each carefully before making a final choice.

Here are the best anti-fraud WooCommerce plugins on the market.

  • 1. YITH WooCommerce Anti-Fraud

    YITH WooCommerce Anti-Fraud plugin

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    Plugin Description

    YITH WooCommerce Anti-Fraud is a comprehensive solution for preventing fraudulent purchases. It has a large number of factors it checks and lets you customize the weight (importance) of each factor.

    With this plugin, you can automatically check risk factors, such as:

    • Suspicious email address
    • Billing and shipping addresses that don’t match
    • Multiple purchases within an hour from the same IP
    • International purchases
    • Orders that are much larger than normal

    While some of these risk factors may not seem bad on their own, in combination, they’re often a sign of a fraudulent purchase. You can outright cancel orders that exceed your risk threshold or put them on hold for manual review.

    This plugin also allows you to create a blacklist that blocks certain email addresses no matter what, and there’s a PayPal email verification feature if you want to ensure only valid PayPal accounts are used.

    Overall, it’s an effective and highly customizable anti-fraud WooCommerce plugin.

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  • 2. Eye4Fraud

    Eye4Fraud plugin

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    Plugin Description

    Eye4Fraud is different from the other plugins listed here. This plugin has a low cost of just $29, but it requires an external service as well.

    What makes Eye4Fraud exceptional is that it has an advanced machine learning algorithm for evaluating and detecting fraud. This makes it way more accurate and advanced than the other plugins listed here. It also means you can set it up once and not worry about fraud anymore. It will screen every sale and put any high-risk purchases on hold for your review.

    While this could be the best solution for your store, that will depend on the price. Unfortunately, they don’t reveal the pricing on their site, so you will have to use their quote request form to find out how much it will cost you. As a third-party software service, it will be an ongoing subscription fee.

    If you have a large eCommerce business, Eye4Fraud could be a major boon to your store. For smaller businesses, you’ll likely save money and get adequate fraud detection from one of the other plugins listed here.

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  • 3. WooCommerce Anti-Fraud

    WooCommerce Anti-Fraud plugin

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    Plugin Description

    WooCommerce Anti-Fraud is another valuable plugin for stopping fraudulent purchases. It gives you a risk assessment for every single purchase so you can see those that are low risk, medium risk, and high risk. This is useful because you can review your weighting system and if you see purchases that are improperly evaluated, you can adjust the weights to make them more accurate for your store.

    Some of the risk factors include suspicious email addresses, international purchases, and customer IP addresses that don’t match the billing country. You can pause high risk purchases or automatically cancel them. Any paused transactions will be available for your review.

    A unique feature of this plugin is the analytics dashboard showing your recent purchases and their risk level. This is an awesome data visualization and will help put your risky purchases in perspective.

    In summary, WooCommerce Anti-Fraud is a well-rounded plugin to prevent phishing and credit card fraud on your eCommerce store.

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  • 4. Fake Customer Blocker

    Fake Customer Blocker plugin

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    Plugin Description

    Fake Customer Blocker is a very affordable anti-fraud plugin for WooCommerce and is much simpler as well. This plugin will block email addresses from a blacklist that comes included.

    When completing a fraudulent purchase, especially a purchase of a digital good, it is common for the perpetrator to use a temporary email address. The Fake Customer Blocker plugin has a list of all these services pre-configured in the settings so that any customer using one of these email addresses gets blocked. You can customize the error message that appears with your own words.

    While this is probably too simple of an anti-fraud detection system for many eCommerce stores, it will be a simple and effective solution if you’re having trouble with fake email addresses in particular.

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Which anti-fraud plugin is best for your store?

While any of these plugins could work well for your store, two of them stood out in particular.

YITH WooCommerce Anti-Fraud will be the best choice for most eCommerce stores. It’s very flexible and provides a wide variety of risk factors.

Eye4Fraud might be the best choice for a larger eCommerce business, but it does come with a monthly subscription cost.

If you want a WooCommerce plugin to block email addresses, Fake Customer Blocker will be an excellent addition to your site.

In summary, those are the best WooCommerce anti-fraud plugins on the market today. If you have any questions about them, feel free to get in touch via our contact form.

Thanks for reading!

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