The 6 Best WooCommerce Plugins for Customer Points Systems and Rewards

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Loyalty programs are one of the best ways to get customers to buy from your store again.

Not only do points lead to repeat purchases, but it also gives your customers a reason to buy from you again instead of a competing retailer.

There are lots of WooCommerce plugins for reward systems, and we’ve included the best of the best in the collection below.

Using these plugins you can:

  • Decide how many points customers should get per purchase
  • Choose a monetary value for each point
  • Let customers redeem points and pay the balance with another payment method
  • Give customers points for other actions like writing reviews
  • Gamify your store with badges and ranks

If you want to get really advanced, there are full gamification plugins available, and if you just want a simple point system, there are plugins for that too.

Keep reading to see which plugins topped our list.

WooCommerce customer point system plugins

The plugins below have rave reviews from customers and come from reputable developers. The only question is which one has the features you need for your store.

Make sure to review what each plugin offers so you can pick the perfect one for your store.

Here are the best WooCommerce points and rewards plugins on the market.

  • 1. YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards

    YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin

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    Plugin Description

    YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards is one of the best plugins around for adding a customer points system to your store. What makes this a top recommendation is its combination of functionality and great style.

    The first thing you’ll do with this plugin is set a global value for points and how many points to award shoppers for their purchases. For example, you could give customers 1 point for every $10 they spend and make each point redeemable for $0.20. You also have the option to use percentage discounts instead of fixed discounts so 100 points could mean a 10% discount.

    On the product pages, customers will see a stylish label stating how many points their purchase will get them. There’s also a point total on their account page and an easy option to redeem points at checkout.

    There are also gamification features showing customers their total points earned and different reward levels they can reach to unlock additional points per dollar spent.

    This plugin has so many features, I’ve only scraped the surface, but you can click the link below to see screenshots and more about what it can do.

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  • 2. Reward Points

    Reward Points plugin

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    Plugin Description

    The Reward Points plugin has done a great job at making a potentially complex system very simple for store owners.

    With this plugin, you can decide how many points customers earn per dollar spent and create multiple reward tiers. For instance, new customers might earn 1 point per $100 spent (I’m using dollars but it’s not currency dependent) while customers that have spent $200 or more on your store could get 2 points per $100 spent.

    When customers are checking out, they can redeem points in addition to using a normal payment method. If you don’t want them to complete purchases using only points, you can limit point redemption to a percentage of the total price. For instance, you could say that points can’t be used for more than 70% of the total price and they can pay the remaining 30% with their preferred payment method.

    You can also set an expiration date on earned points. The customer’s accumulated points and their expiration date are viewable via a new page added to their My Account dashboard.

    Altogether, Reward Points is a simple but effective plugin for introducing a customer points system into your eCommerce store.

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  • 3. WPLoyalty

    WPLoyalty plugin

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    Plugin Description

    The WPLoyalty Points and Rewards plugin helps you to gain loyal customers and increase your customer base by rewarding customers for every action. You can reward customers with points or rewards for every purchase, signing up to your store, referring a friend, or on their special days like birthdays.

    With WPLoyalty, you can implement a referral program and start acquiring new customers. You can reward existing and new customers with exciting discounts and deals. This will not only help you acquire new customers but increase customer loyalty and improve customer retention.

    WPLoyalty helps you reward customers with fixed discounts, percentage discounts, freebies, or free shipping. You can also reward specific customers with various conditional rules. On the other hand, you can give your customers a fantastic shopping experience by using a chat-like launcher widget which helps your customers easily discover your loyalty program.

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  • 4. Gamification for WooCommerce

    Gamification for WooCommerce plugin

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    Plugin Description

    Gamification for WooCommerce takes things to another level. Instead of just awarding your customers points, it completely gamifies the shopping experience using integration with the myCred rewards plugin.

    Instead of only rewarding customers for purchases, you can give them points for other actions too. For instance, you can award them a point every time they login or give them points for referring another customer. You can also create badges and ranks to encourage customers to increase their point total. The number of points they’ve earned is visible on their account page, and they also see how many points they’re going to earn on both the product page and the checkout page.

    In addition to allowing customers to redeem points at checkout, you can also give them coupons when they get new badges or reach a new rank. Using this system, you can create a platform that is constantly encouraging and rewarding engagement, which can lead to a lot more sales and new customers.

    Overall, it’s a really complex plugin, but it’s awesome if you want to add full gamification to your site instead of a simple points system.

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  • 5. WooCommerce Reward Points

    WooCommerce Reward Points plugin

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    Plugin Description

    WooCommerce Reward Points has an excellent blend of features allowing you to reward customers with points and gamify your site with levels and multiple ways to earn points. What makes it a great plugin is that it does all of this without getting overly complicated.

    With this plugin, you can decide how many points customers earn per $1 they spend and how much each point is worth. You can also reward them for eight different actions on the site, including giving them points for their first review, their birthday, and a fixed number of points for each order. Even better, you can give them a progress bar on their account page showing them how many more points they need to reach the next level.

    Points are easy to redeem at checkout, and you can set a limit on the number of points allowed to be redeemed if you like. You can also allow customers to checkout using points only, or accept a partial payment so they can use another payment method for the remaining balance.

    Overall, it’s a highly flexible WooCommerce points and rewards plugin for anyone who wants to create a loyalty program with gamification.

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  • 6. WooCommerce SuperCoins

    WooCommerce SuperCoins

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    Plugin Description

    WooCommerce SuperCoins is the most affordable plugin in this collection and includes every feature you need to create a customer points system.

    Using this plugin, you can reward customers a custom rate of coins per dollar spent as well as award them points for actions like registering an account or reviewing a product. There are also essential controls for processing points for refunds and customizing the points awarded based on the customer’s user role.

    Another feature to like about this plugin is that you can customize all of the text shown throughout your site via the Labels menu. You can also customize the emails it sends to alert customers when they’ve earned new points and when their points are about to expire.

    While this is a relatively new plugin being only a few months old, it’s already attracted many five-star ratings for its feature availability and helpful customer support. Consider for your site if you want a reliable new plugin to add a reward system to your WooCommerce store.

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Which reward system plugin is best for your store?

Picking the best loyalty program plugin can be tough. There’s a lot of functionality to review, so to make things easier, here are a few final tips.

YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards gives you a simple way to control how points are rewarded and redeemed and includes basic gamification via user ranks.

Reward Points is the best plugin if you just want to offer points without any user ranks or gamification plugins. It’s easier to configure and get up and running than other options.

I hope this collection of the best WooCommerce reward system plugins helped you find an awesome new tool for your site.

Thanks for reading!

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Ben Sibley
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