The 3 Best WordPress Plugins to Help Local Service Businesses Grow Faster

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Bringing high-quality leads to your local service business site isn’t a walk in the park. If any analogy applies, it’s a fierce race where you must outrun and outshine your rivals to get prospects and customers.

Considering the limitations you work with when you operate locally, it’s hard enough to attract relevant traffic to your pages. You need to maximize the chances of converting every person who visits your site. You need to do your best to persuade them to book an appointment, and not just leave without even saying “hi.”

And so the question becomes: what simple and effective strategies can you use to generate leads for your local service business?

To answer that question, let’s take a look at three WordPress plugins you can install to help capture leads.

  • 1. vcita


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    Plugin Description

    To capture potential local customers quickly and streamline your lead generation process, use an appointment scheduling WordPress plugin. SMB management platform vcita’s plugins are especially effective.

    Once installed and connected to your vcita account, the plugin lets you personalize your scheduler, displaying a calendar widget on your WordPress site, or adding a schedule button.

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    Along with that, you can present your list of services offered, pricing, locations of your office branches, and contact persons from your staff.

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    Your local customers can book face-to-face services or virtual consultations, phone calls, or any of your services right from your WordPress site, instantly and 24/7.

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    Your vcita calendar syncs with your existing Gmail or Outlook calendar. This prevents booking confusion and duplication, where already-set appointments on specific dates and times are blocked on your vcita scheduler.

    When customers finish booking appointments with you, the vcita online scheduling software instantly sends a confirmation email and SMS reminders. That eliminates the back-and-forth correspondence and simplifies agreements for scheduling and rescheduling.

    What’s more, the vcita plugin allows you to customize your calendar widget design, such as text and colors, to match your company branding or marketing goals and attract your visitors.

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    Besides online scheduling, vcita has many more modules related to customer interaction and transaction. These include a CRM, email and SMS marketing, and client portals. You can also configure it to create invoices, which are viewable and payable online, or to accept credit card payments on your WordPress site – made faster with a “Pay Now” button or a payment form that your clients can quickly fill in on any device.

    You can collect these payments as part of your appointment booking process or a service request, and process them directly to your bank (through Stripe) or PayPal account at no extra cost.

    All these and other robust features make the vcita WordPress plugin a powerhouse for your lead capture and generation goals and a self-service portal inviting your customers to do more business with you.

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  • 2. SeedProd


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    Plugin Description

    When designed well, landing pages can effectively inform visitors about your offers and persuade them to contact your sales representatives ASAP. You can do that more easily with SeedProd, one of the most user-friendly WordPress landing page plugins.

    Through its drag-and-drop editor, SeedProd lets you build compelling, mobile-responsive sales and other landing pages easily. It does not require coding and only takes you minutes to finish.

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    It even has specific blocks (e.g., social profile, giveaway, and video) and professionally designed, ready-made sections (such as calls-to-action and headers), so you can create high-converting and stunning page layouts. Start from scratch or a template, upload images, customize your design, and more.

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    Another great feature is the plugin’s subscriber management. This allows you to trace each customer on your mailing list, whether or not you have a third-party email provider. It visually provides precise data on the number of page subscribers and new ones over definite periods.

    SeedProd has nifty app integrations such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, GetResponse, and other email marketing service providers, workflow automation tools such as Zapier, and more.

    Moreover, this WordPress plugin uses ReCAPTCHA to shield your landing pages from spam, malicious bots, and deceptive submissions. This enables you to get legitimate and more highly qualified leads for your business.

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    If you want to create other relevant landing pages to ensure you do not lose your prospects, SeedProd offers Coming Soon, Thank You, Webinar, and several other types of web pages.

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  • 3. Convert Pro

    Convert Pro

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    Plugin Description

    Use popups to excite your visitors about your offers and entice them to opt in, leaving their contact details. Aiming for the right audience with compelling messages and appropriately timing your pop-ups can help you capture warm leads on-site and boost your conversions.

    That is exactly what Convert Pro does. This first-rate WordPress pop-up plugin uses advanced targeting features that personalize your messages and display your pop-ups at ideal times and webpages and to your intended audiences. It lets you configure these and other triggers and settings, such as for cookies.

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    One of these triggers Convert Pro uses is its exit-intent technology, where you have one more chance to grab your visitors’ attention and flash appealing invitations before they finally leave your site. This is particularly critical to ensure you do not let promising leads slip off your hands.

    Besides these settings, Convert Pro lets you display pop-ups when visitors click on an image, text, or any other defined element on your webpage.

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    The plugin also empowers you to create multi-step opt-ins, regarded as among the highest conversion-optimized call-to-action formats. These pop-ups engage your visitors a bit longer in a few more-than-usual steps and help you categorize your leads by their interests.

    Examples of multi-step pop-ups available with Convert Pro include quizzes and email subscription invitations with discount offers.

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    Convert Pro even helps you design and test different popup versions to see which ones generate the most leads, conversions, and other performance indicators.

    All your Convert Pro configuration and customization tasks do not require any coding. Additionally, the plugin provides several popular and seamless app integrations for email marketing, automation, and others — simplifying your lead capture and data management.

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Make your lead generation efforts more productive.

These WordPress plugins are some of the best for helping your local service business generate leads productively.

Along with your promotional efforts, the plugins’ powerful features can help you turn visitors into prospects and paying customers, make the most of your marketing spend, and ultimately support your business growth.

Jimmy Rodela
Jimmy Rodela
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