The 5 Best WooCommerce Lottery Plugins for Paid Lotteries & Free Raffles

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With WordPress and WooCommerce, you can do anything.

And running a lottery is no exception!

There are exceptional plugins for selling lottery tickets with WooCommerce, as well as plugins for hosting free giveaways.

Using these plugins you can:

  • Create a true lottery with paid tickets
  • Run free raffles and giveaways
  • Automatically create a product order for the winner
  • Require social shares to enter the giveaway

And much, much more.

We’ve reviewed all of these plugins in detail below, so keep reading to see our top picks.

WooCommerce lottery plugins

The plugins in this collection can be used to create custom lotteries and gamify your site.

While there is some overlap in functionality, you’ll find that every plugin listed here has some unique features of its own, so make sure to review them all carefully.

Here are my top picks for the best WooCommerce lottery game plugins.

  • 1. Lottery for WooCommerce

    Lottery for WooCommerce plugin

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    Plugin Description

    Lottery for WooCommerce is a full-featured plugin for launching and managing lotteries. The developers did a great job of including every feature you’ll need to create custom lotteries.

    For starters, you can create lotteries that require customers to purchase a ticket, or you can allow them to signup for free. This enables you to use lotteries for profit generation or to get new shoppers onto your email list. Free lotteries work especially well for building your email list since you can require visitors to register on your site to participate.

    On the lottery page, there’s a full countdown timer, info about the item(s) the winner gets, and additional info about the lottery. You can limit the number of tickets per player as well as the total number of tickets allowed. In addition to random assignments, there’s also a “pick a number” option in this plugin.

    Lottery for WooCommerce can automatically pick a winner for you once a lottery completes. Even better, if the reward is a product in your store, it can create a new order on its own. The customer will get an email announcing they won the lottery and a receipt with their order confirmation.

    Overall, Lottery for WooCommerce is an awesome plugin and includes everything you need to run raffles and lotteries with WooCommerce.

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  • 2. RafflePress

    RafflePress plugin

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    Plugin Description

    RafflePress is (by far) the most advanced WordPress plugin for creating raffles. There are a few features that none of the other plugins offer.

    RafflePress doesn’t use a plain Product page like the WooCommerce plugins listed here. Instead, it gives you a pre-built template that is optimized for performance. It’s beautiful and great for increasing participation, but what makes this plugin really special is the social media integration.

    With RafflePress, instead of charging people for a ticket, you’ll require them to take a social media action. For instance, you can require them to Like your Facebook page or Tweet about the raffle. Once they do that, they’re entered to win. You can even give them multiple “tickets” for completing more than one of these actions. Furthermore, RafflePress integrates with all the top email marketing services, so you can require an email to enter the raffle and rapidly build your email list.

    Now you might be wondering about WooCommerce integration. Well, there isn’t any integration with WooCommerce at all, but that actually won’t matter for many WooCommerce users. Once you declare a winner, you can simply ask them for their shipping address over email, and then ship them their product. It’s cool that some other plugins do this automatically, but it’s not a deal-breaker in my opinion to create the order manually.

    Overall, RafflePress is by far the best plugin for building an email list and social following with raffles and giveaways. If you’re more interested in building an audience with a free lottery and don’t plan on selling tickets like in a more traditional lottery, then this is likely the best plugin for you.

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  • 3. WooCommerce Lottery

    WooCommerce Lottery plugin

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    Plugin Description

    WooCommerce Lottery is another top plugin to consider and works a bit differently than Lottery for WooCommerce.

    This plugin is made for sites that intend to run many different lotteries at once. It can display countdown timers in the shop and category pages and includes widgets for listing your top lotteries in your sidebar. The demo site is sort of like a penny auction site, but with lotteries instead of auctions.

    To create a new lottery, you’ll add a new Product and then use the Product Data section to define the rules for the lottery. Then, customize details like the minimum and maximum number of tickets to sell, how much a ticket should cost, and the start and end dates for the lottery. It’s missing a few options found in Lottery for WooCommerce, such as limiting lotteries to logged-in members and choosing any product to use as the prize.

    Another cool feature of this plugin is the ability to customize the emails it creates. There are additional emails for things like announcing the lottery to the winner versus the losers.

    If you plan to run a lot of concurrent lotteries and want to make that the main feature of your site, this will be a good plugin for your site. Otherwise, you’ll probably prefer the more robust functionality offered in the Lotteries for WooCommerce plugin.

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  • 4. Spin Wheel for WooCommerce

    Spin Wheel for WooCommerce

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    Plugin Description

    While not exactly a lottery plugin, Spin Wheel for WooCommerce is another great option for gamifying your site and sales. It adds a popup to your site prompting the shopper to spin the wheel. When they do, it spins round and round until landing on a prize. They can then enter their email address to get the coupon code or whatever item they’ve won.

    The wheel is totally customizable from the settings menu. You can change the colors of the wheel and choose what prizes to offer. You can create as many different prizes as you want and use custom text on each “slice” of the wheel.

    As a popup plugin, Spin Wheel for WooCommerce includes comprehensive targeting options. You can choose which pages on your site it should show up on, whether logged-in visitors or guests should see it, and what trigger to use e.g. time on page or exit intent.

    If you want to build your email list and get new visitors to make a purchase, this fun plugin will be an excellent choice.

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  • 5. Scratch Coupon Card

    Scratch Coupon Card plugin

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    Plugin Description

    This last plugin is very simple. It shows a small popup on your site with a “scratch-off” ticket that users can virtually scratch to reveal a coupon code.

    What’s a bit strange about this plugin is that it doesn’t require an email address to get the coupon code. Instead, the code is revealed immediately. If you want to give first-time customers a coupon to incentivize a sale, this is a fun way to do that and could lead to additional sales for the sake of novelty.

    You can fully customize the popup, including the colors, text, and image. You can also choose exactly which pages on your site you want to display it on.

    If you want a fun way to gamify your site and offer deals, this WooCommerce coupon plugin would make a solid addition to your store.

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Which lottery game plugin is best?

There’s a lot of functionality to review in the plugins listed here, so let me break it down and make your choice easier.

Lottery for WooCommerce is the best plugin if you want to sell lottery tickets and automatically create orders for winners. It’s fully integrated with WooCommerce and works great for giving away your own products or cash prizes.

RafflePress is the best option if you don’t need to sell tickets and prefer to run a raffle-style lottery. It’s much better for building an email list and gaining social followers than other plugins listed here.

Thanks for reviewing this collection of the best WooCommerce lottery plugins. I hope I’ve made your decision easy today!

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Ben Sibley
Ben Sibley
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