How to Change Posts Per Page in the Admin Dashboard

WordPress lists exactly 20 posts in your admin dashboard Posts menu. Did you know you can actually change this value? And it’s easy too.

Here’s how you can quickly change the number of posts per page in the dashboard without installing any plugins.

If you’re looking to change the posts per page on your blog where visitors will see it, check out this tutorial.

Update the posts listed per admin page

First, login and visit the Posts menu.

Next, click on the Screen Options tab at the top-right corner of the screen.

Screen Options tab on the Posts page

There are a few options here and among them is the Pagination setting which controls the number of posts per page.

Pagination setting for changing posts per page

Change this to the new value you want and click the Apply button to save your changes. The page will reload and then display the number of posts you specified.

You can update this value any time you need more or fewer posts shown. If I need to make bulk updates to posts, I sometimes increase this value to included all my posts at once, and then switch it back to 20.

Customizing posts per page

And with that, you’ve updated your Posts menu. It’s easily done without any plugins if you know where to look.

If you have any questions about pagination or customizing the post display, please post a comment below.

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