The 6 Best WooCommerce GDPR Compliance Plugins

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Do you have customers in the EU?

If so, you’ll need a GDPR plugin for your store.

While the GDPR guidelines can be confusing for small business owners, the plugins listed here have done the heavy lifting for you and include the tools you need to comply with GDPR regulations.

Using one of the plugins listed here, you’ll be able to:

  • Show a cookie policy popup
  • Only use cookies with the visitor’s consent
  • Create forms for data requests and deletions
  • Display your cookie policy based on the visitor’s location

You’ll be able to find a simple cookie policy plugin or a much more robust GDPR solution for WooCommerce in the list below.

WooCommerce GDPR plugins

Some of these plugins are marketed for WooCommerce stores in particular, but there aren’t any functional differences between them and the GDPR plugins marketed for WordPress sites in general.

With that in mind, here are my top picks for the best WooCommerce GDPR compliance plugins.

  • 1. WordPress GDPR & CCPA

    WordPress GDPR & CCPA plugin

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    Plugin Description

    WordPress GDPR & CCPA is a full-featured plugin that works with any WordPress website, including an eCommerce store running WooCommerce.

    This plugin includes twelve different modules that control how your website handles its data. For instance, there is a simple cookie policy creator you can use to create an explanation for your visitors of what cookies you use and how you use them. There’s also a data request module to make it easy for your customers to contact you and request you delete all their data.

    Most importantly, there’s a cookie popup that gets displayed with buttons for the visitor to accept or deny the cookies, and this GDPR plugin will ensure that none of the cookies on the site are loaded and stored until after the visitor accepts your cookie policy.

    Overall, it’s an excellent and affordable solution for handling data privacy on your website.

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  • 2. GDPR Cookies for WooCommerce

    GDPR Cookies for WooCommerce plugin

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    Plugin Description

    Managing how your store handles user privacy and GDPR regulations can be overwhelming, but the GDPR Cookies for WooCommerce plugin does a nice job of making it simpler.

    This plugin does one thing, in particular: it adds a cookie notice bar to your site. You’ve likely seen these types of banners on sites for the past couple of years, and the one added by this plugin is no different. You can fully customize the colors and text of the banner, and the buttons have three pre-configured styles. Users can accept or decline the cookies, and there’s also an option to auto-accept the cookies if the user scrolls a certain distance down the page.

    Another helpful feature of this plugin is the ability to choose which geographic locations should see the notice. It conveniently gives you the option to select all EU countries in addition to hand-selecting the countries of your choice.

    If a user chooses not to accept cookies, then all cookies from your site will be disabled. You also have the option to disable the refuse button and notify them that your site stores cookies and they shouldn’t use your website if that concerns them.

    Overall, it’s a well-designed WoOCommerce GDPR compliance plugin and will be fairly simple to implement for your store.

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  • 3. Independent Analytics

    Independent Analytics Plugin

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    Plugin Description

    Independent Analytics is different from the other plugins. Rather than add a GDPR consent form, it helps you avoid needing one in the first place.

    Independent Analytics is a Google Analytics alternative that tracks your site’s views without using cookies or storing personal data. This means that you get rich data about the performance of your site and you don’t need to show a cookie consent form. If your current analytics solution is the only reason you need to add a cookie form, then this could save you the trouble.

    Another reason for adding this plugin to your site is that it’s simple to use and includes a lot of WordPress-specific data. It also tracks your visits automatically for you and won’t slow down your site like heavier analytics packages.

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  • 4. Ultimate GDPR & CCPA Compliance Toolkit

    Ultimate GDPR & CCPA Compliance Toolkit plugin

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    Plugin Description

    Ultimate GDPR & CCPA Compliance Toolkit is another comprehensive solution for managing a cookie policy and other data privacy components. It features a nicely designed interface and the option to write your own message for the cookie policy popup.

    This plugin does an excellent job of integrating with other plugins and showing you how it’s handling data collection from each one. There is a settings page where it lists all of your plugins and lets you know if they collect user data and if they’re compatible with this plugin. It’s unfortunate that many other GDPR solutions overlook this and claim to block cookies while still letting them through.

    One of the best features of this plugin is that it makes it very easy to control if Google Analytics is loaded. You can simply enter your tracking ID into one of the fields and this plugin will ensure it only gets loaded after the cookie policy gets accepted.

    If you want to make sure you know which plugins on your site collect data and that you can control them effectively with your cookie popup, this might be the best GDPR plugin for your WooCommerce store.

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  • 5. WordPress GDPR + CCPA + DPA Compliance

    WordPress GDPR + CCPA + DPA Compliance plugin

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    Plugin Description

    WordPress GDPR + CCPA + DPA Compliance is another solid option and does a great job of providing robust data security options while keeping things relatively simple.

    One really smart feature of this plugin is the ability to target EU traffic only. The truth is that most countries in the world don’t have the same laws, and GDPR only applies to counties in the EU, so you don’t have to display the cookie notice and limit your tracking in other regions. Since the popup window is kind of annoying and can mess with your ability to make data-driven choices about your website, this is a smarter way to handle the display of your cookie popup.

    This plugin also has the nicest editor for the cookie consent form. It lets you edit the text and buttons via an inline editor so you can see the results as you make your changes. Other features include separate consent agreements for your Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, a data archive request form, and a data breach notification tool.

    If you have a lot of traffic outside the EU and want to limit who sees your data consent forms, this may be the best plugin for you.

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  • WooCommerce EU Cookie Consent plugin

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    Plugin Description

    WooCommerce EU Cookie Consent is a simple and straightforward plugin for controlling how cookies are added to visitors’ devices.

    Something I like about this plugin is that you can choose to load the cookies automatically and let visitors know you’re using cookies, or ask them for permission to use cookies first. You can also exclude regions so that the cookie policy is only shown to countries in the EU.

    Besides the functional options, there are also plenty of settings for modifying the text and style of the narrow popup bar that displays the cookie info. You can change all of the text and colors of every element. There’s also a simple option to display the bar at the top or bottom of the screen.

    If you’re looking for a simple cookie policy plugin that you can configure in a matter of minutes, try the WooCommerce EU Cookie Consent plugin.

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Which GDPR plugin is best for you?

There’s a lot of overlap between these plugins, so picking the right one can be tough.

WordPress GDPR & CCPA stands out amongst all the options because it is packed with features for handling user data and also comes at a very affordable price.

While the other plugins in this collection are excellent, that’s the first one I would recommend for any WooCommerce store.

Thanks for reading this collection of the best WooCommerce GDPR compliance plugins, and if it helped you out today, use the buttons below to share it with someone else.

Ben Sibley
Ben Sibley
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