The 5 Best WooCommerce Product Import & Export Plugins (CSV & XML)

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If you need to bulk import and export WooCommerce products, you came to the right place.

The plugins listed here are professionally developed and capable of transferring large quantities of data.

Using one of these import/export plugins, you can:

  • Bulk export/import thousands of products at once
  • Transfer other data like customers, orders, and coupons
  • Sync your store’s data with Google Sheets
  • Export data from other plugins like WooCommerce Subscriptions

Keep reading to find out which plugins topped our list.

Best WooCommerce product export & import plugins

While there are lots of ways to transfer data between stores, these plugins stood out from the rest.

Each one is actively maintained, full of features, and capable of importing and exporting simple and variable products.

So without further ado, here are my top picks for the best WooCommerce plugins for importing & exporting products.

  • 1. YITH WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing

    YITH WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing plugin

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    Plugin Description

    YITH WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing is a lot more than a product import and exporting plugin, it’s also a bulk editor.

    Using this awesome plugin, you can make bulk changes to the categories your products are in, their tags, titles, Featured Images, and more. It can save you hours of tedious, manual labor with just a few clicks of a trackpad.

    What made this plugin top our collection is that it also includes the ability to export and import your products via CSV. This means you can rapidly edit hundreds, even thousands of products, then import or export a CSV to transfer them to another store. If you’re more interested in bulk exporting customer orders, you should also check out the YITH Quick Export plugin made for that.

    Overall, this is a robust plugin for editing, importing, and exporting WooCommerce products in bulk.

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  • 2. Product CSV Import Suite

    Product CSV Import Suite plugin

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    Plugin Description

    Product CSV Import Suite is a straightforward and affordable plugin created by the makers of WooCommerce, Automattic. It allows you to import, export, and merge products to and from WooCommerce stores.

    One strength of this plugin is that it plays well with the other official WooCommerce plugins. For instance, it works out-of-box with WooCommece Subscriptions, WooCommerce Bookings, WooCommerce Brands, and WooCommerce Composite Products. This allows you to easily transfer products of any complexity between your stores. And it’s useful for more than just moving products between stores.

    Another reason to choose this plugin is that it allows you to make bulk edits via CSV. If you know your way around Excel or Google Sheets, you can make bulk edits and use formulas to quickly modify hundreds of rows at once. After making these changes, you can use this plugin to merge the CSV with your store and update all of your existing products.

    Due to the flexible options available in this plugin, it will work well as a WooCommerce affiliate product importer, a tool to bulk add WooCommerce products, or a solution to import WooCommerce product tags by CSV.

    Overall, Product CSV Import Suite is a well-designed solution for importing, exporting, and bulk editing WooCommerce products.

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  • 3. WPSyncSheets for WooCommerce

    WooCommerce Google Sheets Addon plugin

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    Plugin Description

    WPSyncSheets is an outstanding plugin for making bulk edits and importing/exporting WooCommerce products. It’s designed specifically for syncing your WooCommerce store with Google Sheets.

    What makes this plugin unique is that it goes beyond simple importing and exporting. While that can work fine for many stores, it becomes tedious if you use these features frequently. With WPSyncSheets, your store will automatically sync data between WooCommerce and Google Sheets. This means that your site admin can add new products to your store and they’ll show up automatically in the sheet, which your marketing team may want to reference for promotions. As a syncing solution, it can work in the opposite direction as well.

    If you only need to transfer or bulk update products occasionally, this solution may be overkill. But if you have multiple employees that all need access to your product information at once, syncing your store to Google Sheets with this plugin can be way easier than giving everyone access to the site and teaching them how to use WordPress.

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  • 4. Import Export Suite for WooCommerce

    Import Export Suite for WooCommerce plugin

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    Plugin Description

    Import Export Suite for WooCommerce is a powerful plugin that allows you to export and import all of your WooCommerce data. Unlike some plugins that focus solely on products or customer data, this plugin works with all WooCommerce data.

    Using this premium export plugin, you can create XML and CSV exports of your products, orders, reviews, users, coupons, and subscriptions. It even works with grouped, external, and variable products. You can install this plugin on a second WooCommerce store to easily import all of your data into the new site.

    When importing, there are a variety of handy options, such as skipping existing products, updating SKUs or IDs, and skipping new products. You can even import via a URL or FTP address instead of uploading a file from your computer. As for exporting, there are options to exclude products by category, type, or ID.

    If you want a robust solution for importing and exporting WooCommerce data, it doesn’t get better than the Import Export Suite for WooCommerce.

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  • 5. WooCommerce CSV Import Export

    WooCommerce CSV Import Export plugin

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    Plugin Description

    If you want a simple and affordable solution to transfer your WooCommerce products, the WooCommerce CSV Import Export plugin will be a great choice.

    Using this plugin, you can quickly export all of your products, customers, orders, or categories. Exported data is available as a CSV file and can be imported into any other WooCommerce store with this plugin installed.

    This plugin includes export filters, which make it much more powerful as a data transfer tool. With the filters, you can choose to export specific products or orders, instead of always exporting everything.

    The WooCommerce CSV Import Export plugin is also actively maintained and updated frequently with new features. Two of the latest additions are the ability to export and import coupons and product reviews. It will be a great choice for any site that simply needs to transfer data from one WC store to another.

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Which import/export plugin is best for your store?

If you’re having trouble choosing the best plugin for your store, here are a few final tips.

YITH WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing is a great choice if you want to export/import products and make bulk edits too. If you use other plugins made by YITH, it will fit perfectly into your store.

Product CSV Import Suite is my next recommendation because it has a sensible set of features and integrates well with other official WooCommerce plugins.

WPSyncSheets for WooCommerce may be the best choice for your site if you have employees in different departments that all need access to product data without logging into your site. By syncing WooCommerce with Google Sheets, it keeps everything up-to-date and easily accessible for everyone.

Thanks for reading this collection of the best WooCommerce plugins for importing & exporting products. I hope it helped you find the perfect solution for your store.

Ben Sibley
Ben Sibley
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