The 5 Best WooCommerce Product Image Watermark Plugins

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Want to protect your images?

There’s no better way than using a watermark.

But watermarking every single image yourself is extremely tedious and time-consuming.

Instead, use one of these WooCommerce watermark plugins to design a custom watermark and automatically apply it to all your product images.

Using these plugins you can:

  • Create watermarks from text or images
  • Add the watermark to product images everywhere
  • Adjust the color and transparency of your watermark
  • Repeat the watermark across the entire image

If you’re selling digital images or even physical prints, you’ll definitely want one of these plugins to protect your intellectual property.

Keep reading to find out which plugins work best.

WooCommerce image watermark plugins

There are quite a few watermark plugins to pick from, but we’ve narrowed the list down to just a few.

Regardless of your exact needs, one of these plugins is sure to work wonderfully for your site.

Here are my top picks for the best WooCommerce image watermark plugins.

  • 1. YITH WooCommerce Watermark

    YITH WooCommerce Watermark plugin

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    Plugin Description

    YITH WooCommerce Watermark is the perfect plugin for adding watermarks to your product images. It’s easy to configure and can protect all of your images from theft in a matter of minutes.

    Using this plugin, you can choose to create a watermark with an image or text. You’ll either upload a custom image or simply type in the text you’d like to use. Regardless of which you choose, you’ll be able to select the position you want the watermark to appear in. For example, you could include it in the bottom right corner if you don’t want it to obstruct the view of the product too much, or place it right in the center so it can’t be cropped out. For even better protection, you can enable the repeating feature. This will repeat the watermark in a pattern across the entire product image so that it can’t possibly be removed.

    One final feature that makes this plugin so great is the ability to create multiple watermarks and assign them to categories. In just a few clicks, you can create a new watermark and assign it to an entire category of products. Then you can use different watermarks for each category if you’d like.

    Overall, YITH WooCommerce Watermark is an awesome plugin and leaves little to be desired as a watermarking solution.

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  • 2. Watermark Pro for WooCommerce

    Watermark Pro for WooCommerce plugin

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    Plugin Description

    Watermark Pro for WooCommerce is a highly customizable plugin for adding watermarks to your product images. It stands out due to its wide range of customization features for the style of the watermark.

    With this plugin, you can enter text or upload your logo to create your watermark. You can also choose to automatically add lines in the spaces not filled by your logo to create an “X” like pattern. This is similar to what many stock image sites like iStock do nowadays. There are also options to resize the logo, adjust the margin and spacing, change the opacity of the logo, and even blur it.

    In order to get all your images protected, you can use the bulk editing tool to quickly watermark all of your existing product images. Then, you can enable auto-watermarking to automatically add watermarks to future images you upload.

    If you want total control of your watermark’s style, you can’t beat this customizable watermarking plugin.

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  • 3. WooCommerce PDF Watermark

    WooCommerce PDF Watermark plugin

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    Plugin Description

    If you need to protect PDFs on your site, there’s no better solution than the WooCommerce PDF Watermark plugin.

    Using this plugin, you can easily add a custom watermark image to every PDF on your site. You have the option to add the watermark to the bottom or top of every page and limit it to only the first or last page of the PDF.

    There’s also an option to password-protect PDFs, so only authorized visitors can view them. Even better, you can disable printing so it can’t be easily printed physically or downloaded as an editable PDF.

    When deciding which PDFs to protect, you can either apply your watermark globally or choose individual products and variations. This gives you a lot of control so you can selectively watermark PDFs on your site.

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  • 4. WooCommerce Product Image Watermark

    WooCommerce Product Image Watermark plugin

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    Plugin Description

    WooCommerce Product Image Watermark is another option worth considering for your site. It has everything you need to create and add custom watermarks to your images.

    From the settings menu, you can create as many watermarks as you need. Like other plugins listed here, you can enter text or upload an image to use for your watermark. The watermark gets applied to the product images on the shop and category pages as well as the gallery images on the main product page. It also includes a few customization options for adjusting the size, color, opacity, and position of the watermark.

    While it’s functional and practical, this plugin has fewer options than other plugins listed here and has also received comments from users that it slows down their site. Rather than updating all of the images on the site with the watermark, it applies the watermark to the images when customers visit, which isn’t the best design from a programming standpoint.

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  • 5. WP Watermark Images

    WP Watermark Images plugin

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    Plugin Description

    WP Watermark Images hasn’t gathered many reviews yet as it’s a very new plugin being released just last month. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t work wonderfully for your site.

    WP Watermark Images has the nicest watermark previewer of all the plugins listed here. It gives you a large interface where you get a live preview of the watermark as you edit and update it. You can upload an image or enter custom text, then customize the color, position, and more. There’s also an extremely robust interface for selecting which images the watermark can apply to. To be honest, they may have overdone it; you probably need just one watermark for every image.

    And perhaps one of the best features is the ability to restore your images without the watermarks. This prevents you from making mistakes that permanently alter your images and disallow you from swapping out to a newer watermark.

    While WP Watermark Images is a new plugin, it’s well worth considering as the perfect WooCommerce watermark plugin for your site.

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Which product watermark plugin is best?

If you still aren’t sure which plugin to use on your site, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

YITH WooCommerce Watermark has the perfect blend of simplicity and customizability. You can style your watermark as needed and rapidly apply it to images across your site.

Watermark Pro for WooCommerce is a solid alternative if you want a lot of control over the style of your watermark.

WooCommerce PDF Watermark is the best option if you need to watermark your PDFs. It’s highly functional and it’s the only plugin that can apply watermarks to PDF files.

I hope these final tips help you select the perfect WooCommerce product image watermark plugin for your site.

Thanks for reading!

Ben Sibley
Ben Sibley
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