Top 7 Best WordPress Themes for Computer Repair Businesses

“These themes are hand-picked for their outstanding design quality, features, and customer reviews.”

Broken smartphone screens!

Everyone seems to be walking around with one these days. Add onto that the fact that more people and businesses own computers than ever before and you’ve got a huge market.

If you’re in the tech repair business whether you fix phones, computers, or both, there’s a ton of opportunity to grow your sales with a website.

The WordPress themes here are much more than pretty templates. They have smartly designed layouts that will help you convert visitors into paying customers. I could explain further, but why don’t keep scrolling and take a look for yourself?

You’ll find more awesome themes to consider in our services business WP themes post.

WordPress themes for computer repair businesses

All of the themes here are modern and up-to-date in terms of form and functionality. Every one of them looks amazing on smartphones and PCs.

  • 1. RepairPress by Proteus Themes (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    RepairPress is an excellent theme for PC and phone repair companies. It’s got over 1,000 sales on Themeforest and a full 5/5 star rating. The developers at Proteus Themes have done a great job making this theme, providing support, and keeping it up-to-date (updated less than a month ago).

    This tech repair theme has a clean and professional design. Customers can find all the info they need to learn about your services and get in touch right away. While this theme certainly doesn’t feel cramped, it also doesn’t waste a ton of space between sections which makes it easier to browse and find what you’re looking for.

    RepairPress works with the Site Origin Page Builder to allow you to create custom layouts, and while it doesn’t come bundled with Visual Composer, it works well with it too. There’s a one-click demo installer to get your site online fast, tons of widgets and widget areas, and plenty of options available in the live customizer.

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  • 2. Repair Shop by WP Organic (Themeforest)

    Repair Shop

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    Theme Description

    Repair Shop is a beautiful theme from developers with a great design sense. It’s aesthetically pleasing, has great layouts, and is exceptionally easy to navigate and browse. Visitors will love this theme for learning about your products and services.

    While looking at the demo, Repair Shop is sure to remind you of some of the other themes in this post. It has all the contact info in the header, a large slider, and then a few more informational pages. However, it manages to pull all of this off with a crisp and clean aesthetic and gorgeous color palette.

    Repair Shop uses the King Composer to provide drag-and-drop page building functionality as well as some pre-made templates for you to get started with. The services page, in particular, is quite useful for telling visitors how you can help them and what it will cost. You can’t really go wrong with Repair Shop, so if you’re ready to pick out a theme for your PC and phone repair website.

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  • 3. Restore by Code Ecstasy (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Restore is a sharp theme for phone and laptop repair stores. You’ll have an easy time informing visitors about your services and generating new customers with this premium template.

    The Restore WordPress theme has a sensible design for a tech repair service. Visitors can easily find your contact info and get in touch with you about their damaged device. While broken smartphone screens are certainly a popular trend right now, you can have customers with more complex issues contact you with basic info first using a quote form.

    Due to the many content sections available in this theme like the pricing table, quote form, and testimonials, Restore will work wonderfully for supporting your business online. With the right copy and promotion, it could be the most powerful marketing tool you have.

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  • 4. SmartFix by Line Themes (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    The SmartFix theme has a really slick design that makes it look modern and professional. Smart touches like the animated slider and “sticky” header navigation make it feel new and current. If you want to get a prospect’s attention, this is the theme.

    SmartFix includes a page builder like the other themes in this article to allow you to create your own templates and layouts. Each of these “content blocks” shares the same sleek style as seen in the demo and screenshot above.

    One of the coolest features in this theme is the updated customizer. Most themes make use of WordPress’ built-in live customizer, but SmartFix takes it to another level. They’ve redesigned it to be even more powerful and allow for a ton of customization. There’s also demo data you can import and complete pre-built demo sites you can use to get started fast.

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  • 5. Computer Repair by SmartDataSoft (Themeforest)

    Computer Repair

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    Theme Description

    The aptly named Computer Repair WordPress theme is a worthwhile choice and has a modern look. Part of what makes the demo site look so good is the excellent choice of images throughout. Make sure to get a solid selection of photographs and graphics together to make the best use of this theme for your site.

    There are a few touches that make this theme stand out from others. In particular, it comes with a lot of very practical “content blocks” available for page building. These include a customer testimonials section and contact forms for getting a quote. Afterall, your site should be generating new leads not just passively informing visitors about what you do.

    Computer Repair doesn’t have as many customization options as many other themes in this list, but there is an adequate number. You have control over the fonts used and the colors which are the most important aspects when trying to match your site to your brand. This premium theme also boasts clean, well-written, and SEO-optimized code which makes it a dependable choice.

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  • 6. ComRepair by Brothers Theme (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    ComRepair is very similar to the Ostrya theme but comes with a few style and content variations. For one, you’ll notice it has the phone number and hours in the header, but it also includes the full street address of the store.

    The color palette in ComRepair is a pleasant balance between white, a dark purple-blue, and magenta. That said, you have full control over the colors, background images, and many other style options with this theme. You can customize all of these design aspects instantly via the live customizer. It also comes with the Visual Composer plugin which allows you to create your own custom page templates for use on the homepage or any other page on your site.

    There are four different homepage designs that come pre-made with this theme, so make sure to check them all out before deciding if ComRepair is right for you or not. It also comes with the Slider Revolution plugin which lets you design your own custom sliders for graphics and photographs.

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  • 7. Ostrya by Iwebdc (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Ostrya caters to both computer and mobile phone repair companies. If you’re in the business of helping people fix their hardware, Ostrya can help.

    This premium theme has a straightforward design that handles all the jobs a computer repair website needs to do well. It clearly states your shop’s contact info and hours in the header of the site and includes a call-to-action button to get visitors to schedule a visit. The homepage layout lets you advertise your services and differentiate yourself from the competition, although you can customize all the sections that appear on it.

    Ostrya comes with a lot of features for customizations like the colors, fonts, header style, and even a page builder. In addition, it’s also WooCommerce compatible, so you can sell products and services directly from your site. Overall, it’s a solid theme and a good option to consider for your electronic repair business.

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Which computer repair theme is best for you?

RepairPress has an excellent design, great customer support, and a balanced feature set. It’s the best all-around pick which is why it gets my top recommendation.

There are some very similar designs throughout this list. In particular, Repair Shop, Restore, ComRepair, and Ostrya have the same approach to the computer repair site design. Since the features are also comparable, they’ve been listed in terms of aesthetics with Repair Shop being the best-looking theme and most likely to look great well into the future.

SmartFix has a sleek, super-modern look that you may appreciate. It’s also got some great customization tools.

Lastly, Computer Repair has a small twist on the design many themes here share and comes with many practical features. If you like the way it looks, take a closer look through the details. It might be the best theme for you!

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