How to Create a Staging Site for WordPress in 5 Minutes

Ben Sibley

“Follow the plan outlined here and you can create your own website from scratch without writing any code for less than $300.”

It’s time to level up.

Learn how to easily create a staging site with WordPress, so you can test new updates before going live on your production site.

In this post, I’ll share an excellent plugin that can create staging sites and quickly transfer changes back to your live site. And best of all, the whole process takes just a few minutes.

How to create a staging environment

To create the staging site, we’ll use WP Stagecoach.

WP Stagecoach website

WP Stagecoach is a plugin made to easily create staging sites with WordPress.

Rather than setting up your subdomain, the plugin is configured to create staging sites on the domain. This means there is very little setup and configuration required to launch your staging site.

In the coming sections, we’ll cover everything from installing the plugin to creating and deleting a staging site.

Install WP Stagecoach

WP Stagecoach can be installed and activated like any other plugin. You’ll receive a zip file that can be uploaded via the Plugins menu.

Installing WP Stagecoach

Configure WP Stagecoach

Once installed, you’ll find a new WP Stagecoach settings menu in your dashboard.

WP Stagecoach settings page

This is where you’ll enter your username and API key to enable the plugin. As you can see, there aren’t many settings to configure, and you likely won’t need to adjust any of them.

If you check off Enable Advanced Options, you’ll get access to a new settings page with the following options.

Advanced settings menu in WP Stagecoach

Once again, these settings are useful, but you probably won’t need them for general use. Now let’s get to the good part already!

Launch the staging site

The plugin’s main menu page is where you’ll find the option to launch your staging site.

Here you can name the site and WP Stagecoach will generate a staging environment on a subdomain of

Launch staging site

Once you click the Ride the Stagecoach! button, WP Stagecoach will begin creating the staging site.

I used it on a small site and it took about 2 minutes to generate the staging site.

When a complete, WP Stagecoach provides a URL and SFTP/FTP login credentials for the new site.

Page after staging site is built

The staging site is an exact replica. That means your themes and plugins are copied over with the same settings, and all posts, pages, and custom post types are present with the same content.

The only difference you’ll find is a reminder in the admin toolbar that you’re using a staging site.

Staging site reminder

Edit the staging site

Now that you have a staging site, you can make your edits.

Anything you change can be imported to your production site. That includes edits to child theme files, plugin settings, and even new posts and pages.

Once you’re happy with your changes, it’s time to import them back to your real site.

You can make your staging site private if you don’t want anyone visiting while you work on it.

Import changes

When a staging site is live, WP Stagecoach adds a new menu item for importing changes.

Import changes menu

Once you click the Check for changes button, WP Stagecoach gets the status of your changes and prepares your site to import them.

The menu then updates with new options for importing

Import options available

Copying only file changes will import any new plugins or themes you’ve added as well as any changes you’ve made to their files.

Importing the database changes will import posts, pages, media, and any updates to plugin and theme settings.

And of course, you can also import everything.

You may want to backup your production site before importing changes from your staging site as an extra precaution. You can follow our backup tutorial to learn how to backup WordPress now.

Review the import

After importing your changes, WP Stagecoach displays the following page.

Menu after importing staging site changes

In case there were any errors with the import, you can revert updates made to the database.

Otherwise, you can clean and delete the staging site. After all, you don’t need it once you’ve imported your changes.

Go live with a staging site

Using a staging site will give you peace of mind and a more professional workflow for updating your site

Creating a staging site seems like a lengthy and technical process, but WP Stagecoach makes it simple. Using WP Stagecoach is as easy as installing a plugin and clicking a few buttons.

If you have any questions about creating a staging site with WordPress or about WP Stagecoach, post a comment below.

Ben Sibley
Ben Sibley
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