The 6 Best WooCommerce Order Delivery Date Plugins

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There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to shipping.

How long a delivery takes depends on a variety of factors including the customer’s location, the day of the week they order, etc.

You can eliminate a lot of confusion by letting customers know when they can expect a delivery, and these WooCommerce plugins make that easy.

With the plugins in this collection, you’ll be able to:

  • Display an estimated delivery date
  • Let customers choose a delivery date
  • Give customers delivery time slots to select from
  • Add extra fees for same-day shipping
  • Manage your deliveries from the WC dashboard

And much more.

Keep reading to find out which delivery plugin is best for your site.

Delivery date plugins for WooCommerce

There are two types of plugins listed below.

There are plugins that give customers an estimated delivery date based on their cart, and there are products that let customers choose a specific delivery date and time. Make sure to review each plugin so you can pick out the one that’s right for your business.

Here are my top picks for the best delivery date WooCommerce plugins.

  • 1. WooCommerce Delivery Slots

    WooCommerce Delivery Slots plugin

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    Plugin Description

    WooCommerce Delivery Slots is a comprehensive and elegant plugin to let your customers decide when they want to receive their shipments.

    With this plugin, you can choose which days you’ll be available to ship products, the available time slots, the minimum and maximum number of days from today a shipment can be scheduled, and the minimum amount of time before delivery can be made. You can also enable “ASAP deliveries” and charge additional fees for deliveries on certain days or specific time slots. In short, you have total control over your shipping dates and times.

    This plugin also makes things easy for your customers. They’ll see a date picker on the checkout page where they can select an available date and optionally choose a specific time slot. The calendar has a user-friendly design and makes it clear when certain days or times have an additional fee. It’s so important that the interface works well for your customers, and the developers really nailed the design with this plugin.

    WooCommerce Delivery Slots is especially useful for local deliveries but could be a practical choice for any eCommerce store looking to offer customers control over their desired delivery dates.

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  • 2. YITH WooCommerce Delivery Date

    YITH WooCommerce Delivery Date plugin

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    Plugin Description

    YITH WooCommerce Delivery Date is a robust plugin for adding user-selected delivery dates and times to your site.

    The first thing you’ll do is add your carriers and the days they’re available to deliver products. Then you can decide how many business days you need and which days you’ll deliver on. You can also modify these settings for each product and category.

    In addition to choosing your delivery days, you can also create time slots. You can limit how many deliveries can be completed in each time slot and even add extra shipping fees if customers select a popular time. Once you’ve finished with your delivery date and time configuration, your customers will be able to select their preferred time during the checkout process.

    On the checkout page, customers will see a visual calendar where they can select an available day for the delivery to arrive. If you added time slots, they can select a time for the package to arrive as well. Once the product ships, you can send them an automated email with the delivery date and time info again.

    There are a few other notable features in this plugin, but the last one I want to highlight is the dynamic messaging on the product pages. Once you have your delivery times setup, you can show messages on the product pages that tell customers when they can receive this product if they order within the next X hours. You’ve probably seen this on Amazon already, and it’s a great tactic to encourage shoppers to buy now rather than later.

    If you want a full-featured WooCommerce delivery date plugin, you’ve got everything you need in YITH WooCommerce Delivery Date. Click the link below to learn more and read customer reviews.

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  • 3. Lead Time

    WooCommerce Lead Time Plugin

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    Plugin Description

    The other plugins in this article focus on allowing customers to select a delivery date at checkout. However, they don’t display information about waiting times on product pages. That’s where WooCommerce Lead Time comes in.

    The WooCommerce Lead Time plugin can work alongside delivery date plugins and display the expected waiting time on the product page. This helps customers to make an informed decision and avoids disappointment at checkout when they see the delivery date.

    For best results, use both WooCommerce Lead Time and WooCommerce Delivery Slots – the #1 plugin featured above. These two plugins are fully compatible, allowing you to automatically display the minimum waiting time on the product page based on the next available delivery date. It’s the perfect way to keep customers informed while also giving them full control over their delivery options.

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  • 4. Estimated Delivery Date for WooCommerce

    Estimated Delivery Date for WooCommerce plugin

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    Plugin Description

    Estimated Delivery Date for WooCommerce gives you a powerful system for creating and displaying delivery estimates on your store.

    Using this plugin, you can set the number of days you expect deliveries to take based on the product’s shipping class, the selected shipping method, and the customer’s shipping zone. Then you can decide which days you’ll ship, enter holidays you won’t ship on, and decide the date format to display your shipping dates. This system also plays well with other shipping plugins based on these values.

    You have the option to display the estimated delivery date on the product pages, cart page, checkout page, and main shop page. You can also enter your delivery time slots so customers will know what time of day to expect a package.

    While this plugin doesn’t let customers choose a custom delivery date, it works well to automatically display estimated delivery dates based on your settings. You can click the link below to learn more and see what else it can do.

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  • 5. Estimated Delivery Date & Time for WooCommerce

    Estimated Delivery Date & TIme for WooCommerce plugin

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    Plugin Description

    Estimated Delivery Date & Time for WooCommerce is a simple and affordable plugin for establishing delivery times for your business.

    The main difference between this plugin and others is that it doesn’t allow your customers to choose when they want to receive their delivery. Rather, it lets you configure your delivery options so customers can get an estimated delivery time. The rule system itself is extremely simple. It lets you enter how many days it will take for shipments to arrive and you can apply each rule to product categories or individual products. It doesn’t have an integration with your carriers via API like you might find in a USPS plugin.

    Once you’ve configured your delivery settings, customers can view how long it will take for a product to arrive below the product short description. This information is repeated on the checkout page and included in the order receipt email as well.

    This plugin also gives you a new way to earn more per order. If a customer wants a more urgent delivery, you can charge them an extra fee for faster shipping. As long as you limit how many of these types of deliveries are available, you’ll be able to earn more from shipping the same number of products.

    If you want a simple way to give customers an estimated delivery date, it doesn’t get much easier than this.

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  • 6. WooCommerce Delivery

    WooCommerce Delivery plugin

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    Plugin Description

    The WooCommerce Delivery plugin offers a huge variety of features for a low price. It can help you establish delivery dates and times, plus much more.

    Using this plugin, you can enable specific delivery times for customers to choose from. There’s no restriction for the time slots you create, so you can use one-hour intervals or make them much shorter. You can also add a delivery fee for same-day deliveries.

    When configuring the days your business ships, you can disable certain days like Sundays to remove them as possible choices at checkout. You can also enter all of the holidays you celebrate, and there’s even an option to restrict certain shipping options on the days you select.

    Another interesting option is the ability to set business hours and automatically disable purchases outside of these hours. For most eCommerce shops, this would be a bad idea, but for a restaurant selling delivery orders, this is an essential feature to make sure hungry patrons don’t order outside business hours and expect a delivery that will never come.

    Overall, this is a well-rounded WooCommerce order delivery date plugin that will work especially well for restaurants and other businesses that focus on local deliveries.

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Which delivery plugin is best for your store?

WooCommerce Delivery Slots is an awesome plugin if you want to give your customers full control over their delivery date. It also has excellent tools for increasing your revenue with added delivery fees.

YITH WooCommerce Delivery Date is another great plugin for creating delivery estimates and also lets customers choose the day they want their order delivered. If you think you might need additional plugins for your WooCommerce store, you might want to get this plugin in a bundle from YITH.

That’s it for this collection. If this article helped you find the perfect WooCommerce order delivery date plugin for your store, please consider sharing it with one of the social media buttons below.

Thanks for reading!

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