The 5 Best WooCommerce PDF Invoice Plugins to Customize & Send Invoices

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Have your customers been requesting invoices?

You’ll need to come up with a solution fast so that they can keep their records straight. And let’s be honest, you’ll likely find a use for customer invoices too.

The good news is that all of these plugins work great for automatically creating and sending invoices to your customers.

WooCommerce invoice plugins

Beyond PDF invoice creation, these plugins include even more complex functionality too.

Some of them let you customize the content and colors of the invoices. Others let you create packing slips and credit notes too. Handling vat taxes and foreign payments is no trouble either.

Regardless of which features interest you, I think you’ll find everything you need in this collection of the best invoice plugins for WooCommerce.

  • 1. YITH WooCommerce PDF Invoice & Shipping List

    YITH WooCommerce PDF Invoice plugin

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    Plugin Description

    YITH WooCommerce PDF Invoice and Shipping List is one of the best plugins available for generating custom, downloadable invoices. Unlike some other options included here, this plugin includes distinct options for printing both invoices and packing slips.

    As you’d expect, this plugin automatically creates invoices using sequential numbering and also includes bulk invoice creation tools via the Orders menu. In addition to the standard invoices, you can also create proforma invoices, packing slips, and credit notes.

    When viewing an order in the WooCommerce dashboard, you’ll find the options to create and view invoices, credit notes, and packing slips. The packing slips are simply a more condensed version of the invoices that only contain the order information needed for packing. Credit notes can be automatically generated and sent to customers when they are refunded.

    Overall, the YITH invoices and packing slips plugin is pretty robust and includes all the options you need to handle invoicing for your WooCommerce store.

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  • 2. WooCommerce PDF Invoice

    WooCommerce PDF Invoices plugin

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    Plugin Description

    The WooCommerce PDF Invoice plugin by RightPress is an excellent plugin and possibly a better choice than PDF Invoices. Its best quality is its simplicity. All you need to do is install & activate the plugin to get PDF invoices attached to all new orders. Of course, you can customize the layout and data included in the invoices before you begin sending them out.

    You can also click a single link in the dashboard to download an invoice, and there is batch downloading for bulk processing invoices. If you don’t want to automatically send invoices, there’s also an option to limit them to manual downloads only. Plus, the flexibility numbering system lets you use the order number, include an invoicing number in addition to the order number, or use a separate internal sequence. Since this plugin is deeply integrated with WooCommerce, all of the product order details, the customer’s address, and your business address will all be included.

    One additional feature that sets this plugin apart is its ability to process both standard invoices and proforma invoices. Despite its simplicity, there are a ton of options available if needed making the WooCommerce PDF Invoice plugin a top choice for eCommerce store owners.

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  • 3. WooCommerce Print Invoices & Packing Lists

    WooCommerce Print Invoices Packing Lists plugin

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    Plugin Description

    This plugin is even more robust and includes packing list functionality which you might love.

    With this invoicing plugin, you can easily print out a customer’s invoice to include in the package itself. You also get printable packing lists that can be used in your warehouse to assemble the package for each customer’s order. These two documents together can make it really easy to stay organized and make sure you get all the right products to your customer.

    A link is added to the Orders menu where you can download or email an invoice whenever needed. Your customers can also find invoices for all of their purchases from their account page. This makes it easy to send customers invoices when they request them but also provides a self-service option that most customers will likely prefer.

    If you have both inventory management and invoicing needs, this is going to be an excellent choice for your site.

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  • 4. PDF Invoices

    PDF Invoices plugin

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    Plugin Description

    The PDF Invoices plugin available from is the perfect solution for sending invoices to your customers. This plugin will automatically attach a PDF file to the completed order email, which makes it easy for customers to find and download.

    There are a few layout options included, and you can add your company logo to appear at the top of each invoice. The invoices are sequentially ordered, have customizable date formats, and can include legal and tax information.

    Sometimes customers lose track of their invoices or don’t see them. You can quickly resend invoices from the Orders menu in your WordPress dashboard or download any invoice in one click. Overall, the PDF Invoices plugin is an intuitive and complete solution for WooCommerce invoices.

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  • 5. WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips

    WooCommerce PDF Invoices Packing Slips plugin

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    Plugin Description

    If you have warehousing and order management needs, then this is another great option to consider. This plugin includes printable invoices and packing slips that will help you and your employees to package the right products together for your customers. Even better, it comes at a super low price, making it a great value.

    The invoice customization options are extremely detailed. You can add a header, footer, content blocks, and custom text. There are numerous controls for the font sizes and colors used throughout. If you’re concerned about the style and presentation of your invoices, this is a standout option.

    The invoices generated can be automatically attached to the completed order emails, and they’ll also show up on the “Thank You” page after a customer completes their purchase. This keeps them highly accessible and easy to find so your customers can maintain tidy records. This plugin also handles tax payments just fine and can display this additional info in the invoice as well.

    The only drawback of this plugin is that its description as a packing slip solution is a bit misleading. There is no separate option for this feature. Rather, the PDF invoices include each product ordered and thus, can be used as packing slips. These work well enough for your internal operations, and you can add order tracking for customers to give them a better view of the delivery progress.

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Which invoice plugin is best?

If you need some final recommendations, here are my best tips.

YITH WooCommerce PDF Invoice & Shipping List topped our list because of its ability to generate custom invoices and packing slips.

I think that WooCommerce PDF Invoice deserves your consideration as well since it’s affordable, simple to use, and full of features.

If you’re in need of packing slips and want a better workflow for printing customer invoices, then WooCommerce Print Invoices & Packing Lists might be the best pick for your site.

I hope you enjoyed this collection of the best WooCommerce invoicing plugins. Please consider using the buttons below to share it with someone else.

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