The 7 Best WordPress Button Plugins for 2023

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You’re in luck.

Adding buttons was a surprisingly difficult task in the past.

But these days, you have tons of options!

The plugins listed here offer a variety of methods for including beautiful and highly customizable buttons with your posts and pages.

Trust me, you’ll have no trouble getting the style juuuust right for the buttons you want to create.

Keep reading to find the top picks.

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WordPress button plugins

There’s a mix of free and paid options included here. Some of the free plugins have paid upgrades available for additional style options as well.

Here are the top picks for the best WordPress button plugins.

  • 1. Buttons X

    Buttons X

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    Plugin Description

    Buttons X is the most comprehensive plugin on the market for adding buttons to your posts and pages. It’s ridiculously customizable – there’s no design you could come up with that Buttons X can’t handle. Let’s dive into the features!

    First, Button X has some demo buttons you can get started with. Simply pick whichever one is closest to your desired look already. Then change everything from the button text and color to the size and shape. Every update happens live so you can preview your changes ass you make them. On top of this, Button X comes with more than 50+ hover animations and 30+ reveal animations which will help the call-to-action get more attention on the page.

    Buttons X takes things even further with Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce compatible buttons, widgets, social network buttons, and built-in analytics to track your clicks.

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  • 2. Ultimate Blocks

    Ultimate Blocks

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    Plugin Description

    Ultimate Blocks is a free and lightweight Gutenberg block plugin designed for bloggers & affiliate marketers. It comes with 18 awesome Gutenberg blocks that will help you make your content more engaging.

    One of these blocks is the buttons block that lets you easily add buttons to your posts and pages in Gutenberg. The block is highly customizable allowing you to change the button’s style, colors, size, add icons, and more.

    If you’re looking for a simple and straightforward plugin for Gutenberg, there’s nothing better than Ultimate Blocks right now. This plugin is completely free and the button block along with other blocks can be really useful while creating content for your website.

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  • 3. Elementor


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    Plugin Description

    You may have heard of Elementor already. It’s the most popular page builder plugin and one of the most popular WordPress plugins, period!

    Elementor is a complete page building plugin, but it can also be used to insert various elements like widgets into your posts and pages. Included in these elements are buttons.

    The buttons you can add with Elementor are quite customizable. You get full control over aspects like the spacing within the button, the text, and the target URL. Of course, the color of the background, border, and text are also easy to change.

    Elementor is way more than a solution to add buttons to your site. You might find it unnecessary for simply adding buttons, but you may also find that you enjoy the other functionality included as well.

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  • 4. Qi Addons for Elementor

    Qi Addons For Elementor

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    Plugin Description

    Qi Addons for Elementor is a remarkable collection of 100+ flexible widgets that help extend the functionality of Elementor by introducing new elements. These range from showcase and creative widgets to typography and infographics, as well as SEO, business, and eCommerce options. The plugin is easy to install and styled with great attention to detail. Every page section you build with these elements will look stunning.

    As for the buttons, Qi Addons includes several options for creating captivating buttons that convert. The Button widget allows you to display elegant filled or outlined buttons with icons and custom typography and to adjust every single aspect of the button – the size, padding, borders, colors, fonts, and much more. You can even create textual buttons that look like links.

    In addition, the plugin includes Add to Cart widget, an Info Button widget that allows you to display additional information, Premium Button with gradient background and SVGs, as well as Social Share buttons.

    If, however, you prefer Gutenberg, there’s an almost identical plugin for your favorite page builder – Qi Blocks for Gutenberg, which offers three button blocks with unparalleled customization options.

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  • 5. Stackable


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    Plugin Description

    Stackable is an awesome new WordPress plugin for creating more advanced designs with the Gutenberg post editor. It adds more than a dozen new blocks that supercharge your editing experience.

    Stackable includes new button block that lets you quickly include buttons anywhere in your posts and pages. Plus, you can customize everything about the button’s style. Change the colors, create ghost buttons with thin borders, add icons next to the text – whatever you want.

    This button plugin stands out as an excellent choice because it integrates so seamlessly with the new post editor. Also, you might like using some of the other blocks when editing your site. The call-to-action block is especially handy since it includes a title, tagline, and background image in addition to the clickable custom button.

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  • 6. Shortcodes Ultimate

    Shortcodes Ultimate

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    Plugin Description

    Before Gutenberg came out, there was nothing like Shortcodes Ultimate. It allows you to insert all sorts of elements into your posts including buttons by using shortcodes. Now an option like Stackable might be more forward-facing, but Shortcodes Ultimate still works great and is fully compatible with Gutenberg.

    Available shortcodes in this plugin include tabs, audio and video embeds, sliders, tables, Google Maps, and QR codes. I think you’ll find yourself Shortcodes Ultimate for a lot more than buttons once you give it a shot.

    When it comes to adding buttons, you won’t be disappointed by the style options included. You get a live preview as you edit the button and can change everything about it. There are even quite a few icons included which you can easily insert into the button to the left or right of the text.

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  • 7. MaxButtons

    MaxButtons WordPress plugin

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    Plugin Description

    MaxButtons specializes in call-to-action buttons as well as social share buttons and social profile buttons. It’s been around for years now and is currently active on over 100,000 websites.

    With MaxButtons, you won’t need to touch or even see any code. You can create the buttons entirely with the user-friendly interface. The live preview updates as you customize and you’ll be provided with a shortcode used to add your button anywhere you want. Shortcodes are incredibly versatile and can be included in your posts, pages, and even widgets.

    The pre-defined buttons let you quickly select a style you like and customize from there. The share buttons include all the most popular networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

    MaxButtons also has a pro version which allows you to add icons, multi-line text, and Google Analytics for click-tracking.

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Which button plugin is best?

If you want to get a comprehensive plugin for adding buttons and get to work, simply choose Buttons X. You’re not going to find anything you can’t do with this awesome plugin.

Elementor is a complete page building solution if you need those tools in addition to designing buttons.

The one other plugin I want to mention again is Stackable. I love that it uses Gutenberg blocks and it’s very easy to use.

Still have a question about one of the WordPress button plugins listed here? Post in the comments below.

Ben Sibley
Ben Sibley
This article was written by Ben Sibley. He is a WordPress theme designer & developer, and founder of Compete Themes.