The 6 Best Freelancer WordPress Themes for 2020

Ben Sibley

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These themes for freelancers have got your back. They’ve been designed specifically for freelancers with growing businesses, so they include all the templates and features you need to grow yours.

The WordPress themes included here have gorgeous designs and an emphasis on visual portfolios. You’ll find tons of portfolio gallery layouts and ways to showcase your work.

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WordPress themes for freelancers

Each theme here is modern and up-to-date with the latest version of WordPress. They’re also mobile-friendly and look great on all devices.

Here are my top picks for best freelancer WordPress themes for 2020.
  • 1. Vangard by Edge Themes (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Vangard is a flexible WordPress theme made for freelancers and small studios. It’s got a premium quality design that will help raise the profile of your brand, and lots of customization options.

    As a customizable theme made for freelancers, you’ll find it has tons of practical settings. There’s a huge variety of image gallery layouts for showcasing your portfolio of completed projects. Whether you have dozens of projects to show off or just a handful of spec work, you’ll find an awesome layout to match. You can also see from the demo sites that Vangard can be used to make a really colorful site or a muted, black and white style.

    Vangard comes with WooCommerce support, so you can include a store on your website. You can also use WooCommerce for processing sales of services you offer too. In addition, Vangard has shortcodes for adding cool dynamic content into your posts and pages, widgets for social feeds, and built-in sliders.

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  • 2. The Ark by FRESHFACE (Themeforest)

    The Ark

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    Theme Description

    The Ark is an incredibly customizable multipurpose WordPress theme. It comes with over 300+ pre-built pages and dozens of components for creating your own templates and layouts.

    While this theme isn’t made precisely for freelancers, I wanted to include as a highly flexible option. You can absolutely create a site for your freelancing business with this theme, but you can also create tons of other websites too making it the perfect choice for anyone who plans on making more sites.

    The number of options included in this theme are truly too numerous to cover here. The Ark comes with a page builder and loads of other built-in features that allow you to make your own pages. Armed with dozens of customizable site elements and a drag-and-drop page builder to reorder them in any manner, you can create whatever you can imagine with The Ark.

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  • 3. Jayo by TemplateMonster

    Jayo freelancer theme

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    Theme Description

    Looking for a minimalist theme?

    The spacious layouts of Jayo mixed with simple, understated typography help it nail the popular minimalist style of the modern web. This is a great theme for anyone who has a lot of strong images to show off. There’s also ample opportunity to build a personal brand if you’re working solo.

    Speaking of brand and images, Jayo comes with a handful of portfolio layouts. These image galleries include filtering options that instantly update the gallery based on the category the visitor selects. It’s also built to be compatible with the excellent Elementor page builder plugin which makes Jayo very flexible (learn how to use Elementor).

    When you purchase Jayo, you also get all of the images included in the demo site which can help you get a professional look for your website right away.

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  • 4. Jon Bin by TemplateMonster

    Jon Bin

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    Theme Description

    The aesthetic of Jon Bin is minimalist, yet it has a distinct bold flair that makes it stand out from other simple themes. You’ll notice right away it’s great for building a personal brand as an individual freelancer thanks to the fullscreen background images. There’s also one other thing that makes this theme different…

    This is a “one page” WordPress theme. If you click on any of the menu items, you’ll find that it simply scrolls you down the page to a relevant section on the homepage instead of loading an entirely new page. For anyone who doesn’t want the hassle of managing a large website, a one-page website can be really appealing and fast to set up.

    Since you only have one page to work with, it’s pretty important you get control over its style! Luckily, Jon Bin includes a drag-and-drop page builder. There are over 25+ modules included which you can add in any order on your site with any text and images. This includes some cool dynamic sections like a pricing table and full portfolio grid for sharing your prior work.

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  • 5. Maker Pro by StudioPress

    Maker Pro

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    Theme Description

    Maker Pro is a simple and bold theme for freelancers and agencies. From the demo site, you may get the impression that this template is better-suited for agencies, but it can work just as well for a solo freelancer.

    Create an awesome landing page for your homepage that will distinguish your brand and showcase your various service offerings. If you use content marketing to grow your business, you’ll find there are plenty of opportunities to promote your latest and greatest posts. Maker Pro balances media with text effectively making for beautiful layouts.

    Of course, you’ll want to showcase your work as a freelancer. For any freelancers working with visual media, such as photographers, illustrators, or graphic artists, you’ll love the portfolio option that comes with the Genesis Portfolio Pro plugin. You can create a gorgeous fullscreen image grid. Clicking any image will take the visitor to a full page where you can include a complete exposition of the related project.

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  • 6. Lobo by VanKarWai (Themeforest)


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    Theme Description

    Lobo is an ultra-minimalist WordPress theme for design agencies and freelancers.

    One thing I like about this theme is its emphasis on completed projects and portfolio work. The homepage of the demo site demonstrates how you can get visitors straight into your work with a unique, oversized gallery layout. It uses infinite scroll instead of pagination so visitors can continue scrolling down the page to continue previewing more of your work.

    While there is plenty of space to include text and full write-ups for each project, Lobo will excel for a mostly visual website. It comes with a lot of options in the live Customizer included in WordPress which allows you to change aspects of the design like the fonts and colors all while watching them update live on the site. There are some more advanced features too like a bundled responsive image slider and multiple navigation styles.

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Which freelancer theme is best for you?

Vangard has so many beautiful portfolio layouts and an overall amazing aesthetic which is why I’ve made it my top choice.

If you’re looking for a theme to help promote your personal brand as a freelancer, both Jon Bin and Jayo will be excellent themes for your site.

If you may hire soon or have an agency, Maker Pro and The Ark might be the best choices. The Ark will also work great for someone who wants to build many more websites for their business (or other projects).

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